LED lights into almost every home in the country

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
In the past two years, the popularity of LED lights is becoming more and more widely, whether urban or rural, along with our country strongly recommended for road facilities, LED street light has entered innumberable families. Many roads are already left the ordinary mains lamps using LED lights. LED street lamp USES is aluminum alloy die-casting molding, can effective heat dissipation and waterproof, dustproof. Ultraviolet corrosion resistant treatment was conducted on the surface of the LED lamps and lanterns, the material is used on the use of high purity aluminum reflector, high-strength tempered glass lamp shell and the cooling body; High power LED street light, use the high power LED as light source. LED street lamp is the fan heater and street lamp light shell integration design, both closely connected, the shell heat dissipation wing and air convection, fully guaranteed the LED street light the service life of 50000 hours. Its service life also in more than 10 years, the design can effectively waterproof lamp shell adopts the material of heat dissipation, on the surface of lamps and lanterns has also conducted uv anticorrosive processing. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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