LED lights factory whether can find a niche market for new?

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-14
With continuous innovation high permeability LED lighting, is willing to continue to put into production manufacturer of LED lighting market has more and more, the LED lighting market into the status of industry are looking for a niche market. So much but in the face of the fierce market, LED street lamp manufacturers have tried to seek new hope to find the niche market, but it was not easy. Now LED lights ever greater cause threshold increase, and it is difficult to have a new market segment, there is the size of the factory was very good. The main reason of three aspects: first, the segment of the market itself is higher than that of the existing LED to the requirement of technology mature application, if you don't have a scale is hard to go in. Secondly, now the market more transparent, if neither scale cost advantages, also have no technical advantage, new market segments, then, with the integration of the industry, new market segment into the LED street lamp manufacturers, stay in the space, more and more difficult. Again, the LED street lamp new technology or more cutting-edge things also associated with relevant equipment, and the early equipment must be eliminated gradually, because can't adapt to the current technology, new equipment investment is too big, then was forced to give up the market a lot of small and medium-sized LED street lamp manufacturer. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call the hotline
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