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LED lighting will usher in better growth in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-30
With the rapid decline in the price of LED products and the gradual move towards a sweet spot, the market regulators in Taiwan have been frequently optimistic about the growth of LED lighting next year, which is expected to bring new growth momentum to the LED industry and Taiwan factories. The growth space of LED industry in backlight application is quite limited, and even the output value will enter a recession period. Fortunately, new LED lighting applications are rising. With the increase of LED lighting penetration rate, it is expected that the LED lighting market will enter a wave of high growth cycle, but this revolutionary industry is also entering a highly competitive killing battlefield. In addition to the advantages of manufacturing costs, legal persons believe that brands and channels are the real sources of competitive advantages in the LED lighting market, which will make Taiwan's LED industry likely to accelerate the crisis of being replaced by those from mainland China in 2014. The Optoelectronic Science and Technology Industry Association will see that from 2014, European and American countries will eliminate the business opportunities of replacing incandescent lamps with a large amount of 40-60-watt incandescent lamps for people's livelihood, some American companies such as GeneralElectric, which have changed from traditional lighting to LED lighting with a slow pace, as well as regional brands and contract manufacturers in mainland China, which are important cities in lamp production, have pushed up the penetration rate of LED lighting products. Taiwan manufacturers, whether by their own brands or OEM, should step up their layout and seize this wave of business opportunities. According to the report, next year (2014) The output value of LED lighting will reach 17. 8 billion US dollars, and the total number of LED lighting products shipped will reach. 0. 2 billion, compared with this year (2013)Growth 68. In terms of regions, the growth rate of LED lighting products in mainland China will reach 86. 5% next year. Among them, alternative light source products are obvious. Bulb lamps and lamps are popular alternative light source types in the market, accounting for and of LED lighting products in 2013 respectively. The demand for integrated LED lighting products will gradually rise in the future, especially those combined with intelligent lighting applications. The optoelectronic Association pointed out that the output value of LED lighting reached 11. 5 billion US dollars in 2012, with a penetration rate of about 11 in the lighting market, the top ten LED lighting manufacturers are Philips, OSRAM, Panasonic, Toshiba, Cree, ENDO, Zumtobel, Koizumi, IrisOhyama, Sharp, etc. Taiwan manufacturers still need to increase their market share.
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