LED lighting warms up in 2013

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-09
According to LED research institutions LEDinside prediction by hand-held terminal and LED lighting products demand growth of influence 2013 LED output value will is 2012 growth 12 up to 12. 4 billion beauty yuan. Although the overall oversupply of LED is still difficult to reverse during the year, LED companies will seek strategic alliances to ensure orders and increase profit margins. In 2012, the development of LED industry was not ideal. The market shrank, sales volume declined, sales volume decreased, and product prices dropped rapidly. Most small and medium-sized enterprises and even some large-scale enterprises closed down because they could not bear losses, the rest of the enterprises are struggling in difficulties. LEDinside predicts that in 2013, the demand for LED lighting products will grow rapidly and gradually push to civilian use. Before that, whether it was miner's lamp, street lamp, commercial lamp or decorative lamp, the procurement subject was the government or enterprise. The popularization rate of ordinary people was not high, but with the continuous promotion of LED lighting product technology, as prices continue to decline, LED lighting is expected to usher in civilian use in 2013. In 2012, the LED industry underwent a major reshuffle, leaving behind enterprises with certain qualifications and relatively sound market channels. With the economic recovery and the overall recovery of the manufacturing industry, these enterprises will play a more important role in 2013 and will drive the entire industry back to life.
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