LED lighting showed an obvious growth trend in 2013

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-09
In recent years, the development of China's LED industry has been blocked and the development is not smooth. However, at present, with the state's intervention in the industry, the elimination speed of incandescent lamps will intensify and LED lighting will usher in a new turning point. At present, many commercial lighting and urban lighting are gradually adopting new LED lighting, which makes LED lighting show a significant growth trend in 2013. China is a developing country, showing a trend of rapid growth in developing countries, but the following is large-scale energy consumption and environmental pollution. With the state's intervention in the economy, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the mainstream trend of the current industry development, and the same is true for lighting, which is why LED lighting is so highly respected. LED has been introduced into the market for its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, stability and long service life, and has been sought after. However, due to cost constraints in the early stage, it has been unable to occupy the market quickly. The warming trend of LED lighting is obvious. At present, incandescent lamps have been gradually eliminated in most countries, and more countries are slowly overdoing them. In commercial lighting, LED lighting is basically adopted, and commercial profits are increasing year by year. LED manufacturers have also gradually solved the cost problem, with prices gradually falling and market competition gradually becoming white-hot. The LED intelligent lighting system is hot. At present, the intelligent lighting control system accompanying the same appearance of LED is also getting hot. The system, together with LED lighting lamps, will realize secondary energy saving and give people an intelligent experience. For example, the intelligent street lamp lighting control system adopts wireless street lamp controller, intelligent gateway and energy-saving monitoring platform, and the combination of software and hardware makes the street lamp more intelligent. It can realize the functions of single lamp control and dimming in lighting, detect current, voltage and power factor in the system, and have automatic inspection in management. With the emergence of new LED technologies and new products, I believe LED lighting has ushered in a new turning point.
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