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LED lighting prospects in 2014, replacement still dominates

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-03
In 2013, it was considered as a milestone year for the lighting industry by the industry. With the mature development of LED lighting products, the lighting industry became more and more active, not only receiving strong support from the 12th Five-Year Plan policy of the state, it has also received positive responses from local governments and enterprises. The price of LED lighting products has further decreased and the market demand has expanded. The continuous release of favorable policies makes LED lighting products look good. 2014 is about to pass. In the past year, new LED lighting products have given different development impacts and opportunities to traditional lighting enterprises and even LED lighting enterprises. Looking forward to 2013, how will the lighting industry go? On December 14, at the symposium on the lighting festival and the good mode of urban tourism economic development, the reporter of China lighting network gave an exclusive interview to Dou Linping, secretary general of China lighting society. When summarizing the development of China's lighting industry, especially LED, this year, Secretary-General Dou believes that LED should be regarded as a starting year in the lighting industry this year, while the first ten years are a year of expansion and development, at present, the use effect is not bad, and it is gradually accepted by the society by consumers. At the same time, he also believes that the development speed of LED next year will increase rapidly compared with this year, the change of the whole lighting industry is reflected in the integration, including the integration of the industry itself, including the dealer team and the distribution mode, which will be integrated. At this year's Guangya Exhibition, Secretary-General Dou once said that in the future 3- In 5 years, LED will usher in an outbreak period, and a large part comes from the replacement market. In the interview, he analyzed and pointed out that the development theme of China's lighting industry in 2014 will still be replacement, because from the current development stage of LED, there are not many products that really give full play to LED characteristics, most of them are replicas of traditional lighting products, especially light sources, such as bulbs, lamps, etc. , which are completely a replacement. Therefore, 2014 is still a replacement year. As a member of the Golden Finger Award China lighting industry annual large-scale selection expert jury, Secretary-General Dou also talked about his own views on designers and enterprises. He thinks that the design of lighting products needs to be based on the lighting standards of a city. As a designer, we should do this design around this standard. As an enterprise, because of the changes in the industry, designers are often only one direction that the enterprise aims at, and more attention is paid to the industry itself, because many things do not need designers to do, for example, the design of some indoor places such as office buildings, including some fixed places such as homes and hospitals, where actual designers will not play too much role, is still a conventional technique.
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