LED lighting penetration rate to rise in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-29
The penetration rate of LED lighting will be next year. LED has recently become a popular fried chicken in the market. Ye Yinfu, who is also chairman of Yiguang and vice chairman of Jingdian, pointed out recently that the LED market is growing well. As far as the chip factories of Shangyou are concerned, Jingdian benefits more than the mainland companies. However, according to the assessment of downstream operators, the top three international lighting factories will compete to launch new products next year, and Taiwan factories that undertake OEM orders from Europe and the United States will benefit. The industry expects that the penetration rate of LED lighting will reach next year and even have a chance to see next year. Ye Yinfu pointed out that as far as the LED chip chain is concerned, the first-line factories in mainland China have borrowed from Taiwan's industry, making the technology gap between the first-line factories in mainland China and Taiwan already small, but Jingdian still enjoys high brand awareness, he believes that the benefits of Crystal electricity will be higher than that of mainland factories. Ye Yinfu pointed out that in addition to impulse, cost control is also very important for packaging plants next year, and mastering cost and access is the key to next year. Yiguang solid state lighting, a 100 subsidiary of Yiguang, has a revenue of NT $1 billion in Taiwan this year and is expected to jump to NT $2 billion next year, with shipments expected to increase. Five times, the company's capital is NT $0. 4 billion, which is one of the few lighting factories spanning commercial lighting, special lighting and engineering bidding. Since the construction of the road is quite expensive, but starting from next year, Yiguang solid-state lighting will have the opportunity to enter the profit-making stage in Taiwan. Another downstream industry pointed out that when the penetration rate of LED lighting climbs next year, Osram, Philips and GE, the top three international lighting factories, will definitely introduce low-cost lighting products, taiwan's manufacturers that undertake OEM-related orders from Europe and the United States will make profits first. The industry stressed that the Taiwan brand will be in the impulse stage next year, and must first go through a period of pain at the expense of profits to stimulate the quantity, so the benefit level next year will lag behind the OEM factory. The industry also said frankly that although there is a chance to greatly increase the lighting penetration rate next year, the main force in digesting wafer production capacity is backlight. Judging from the current backlight penetration rate as high as 95, the idle wafer production capacity will be improved, but I am afraid that there is still a state of oversupply.
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