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LED lighting market will reach 157. 2 billion yuan in 2015

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-06
The lighting market will reach 82. 1 billion US dollars in 2015 (About RMB 5020. RMB 5. 8 billion) Among them, LED lighting market will reach 25. 7 billion US dollars (About RMB 1571. RMB 6. 1 billion), The market penetration rate is 31. Wu Yingjie, deputy research manager of LEDinside, said that by observing the market size of the 2015LED lighting market in regions, Europe has a market size of 23, although no large-scale subsidy policy has been seen, however, its high electricity price and the difference of light culture make the market demand of LED in commercial lighting and outdoor building lighting increase. Part of the Chinese market accounts for of the market share. China is mainly a country that manufactures lighting products. With cost advantages and complete supply chains, the market competition is more intense than other markets, regardless of brand manufacturers, contract manufacturers, or emerging lighting manufacturers and packaging manufacturers, in addition to greatly increasing the LED lighting penetration ratio, the development of sales channels is the main development project this year. Looking forward to 2015, thanks to the steady growth of lighting market demand, China's lighting market will continue to increase both domestic demand and overseas exports. However, the price of products is affected by many suppliers, and the speed of price competition intensifies. If it is not for the continuous development of channels, it will eventually face the crisis of withdrawing from the market.
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