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LED lighting market size to reach 36. 1 billion US dollars in 2015

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-06
According to the IEK report of the Institute of Industry and Research, the LED lighting market will reach 36. 1 billion US dollars this year and 72. 6 billion US dollars by 2019, more than doubling in five years, with a market penetration rate of 48. 5. Smart lighting that integrates systems, software and services will become the focus of the market, and OLED is the star of tomorrow. Liu Junting, director of the Institute of electronics and optoelectronics of the Institute of Technology and Research, said that with the improvement of luminous efficiency of LED components, industrial development has moved from technology research and development to system integration and application. Taiwan's LED industry has a strong manufacturing capability and an orderly industrial structure. Facing new market opportunities, it can quickly integrate and develop towards high-value applications. As LED technology matures day by day, manufacturers begin to seek new blue ocean and move towards customized intelligent lighting design, such as vehicle lighting. Lu Zonglin, manager of Yiguang research and development department, said that in the past, drivers judged dangerous passive safety and developed towards active safe and intelligent vehicles through the combination of LED advanced technology and electronic technology. In addition to LED, OLED lighting, which is light, flexible and close to sunlight, is regarded as the lighting rising star of the next generation. The Institute of Industry and Research, a pioneer in technological innovation and research, has joined forces with the Lighting Association to create an 'OLED lighting Theme Pavilion' and displayed 37 OLED lamps at the 2015 lighting exhibition. This is also Taiwan's first large-scale commercial display of OLED. In addition to continuously developing LED technology, the Institute of Technology hopes to promote the complementary coexistence of LED and OLED, pursue a new blue sea for the industry, and pursue a better lighting life for the public. Liu Junting pointed out that because OLED lighting above 90 is the main body of the lamp, coupled with flexibility and no high heat problems, it is easy to directly combine with building materials, let designers have more flexibility in design to create more lighting application situations. He stressed that OLED and LED are complementary and each has its own advantages. LED is a point light source with concentrated lighting light. It is more eye-catching when used in outdoor environment. It is suitable for local area lighting, advertising signs, traffic warning signs and other applications. OLED is a flat light source with soft light. People can look directly at OLED light source with naked eyes, which is not dazzling and suitable for indoor lighting places. Liu Junting predicts that OLED lighting products will first be applied in the decorative lighting market.
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