LED lighting market penetration rate expected to rise to 20 in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-28
Since the beginning of this year, Blu-ray LED has been hit by oversupply and is under pressure on prices, resulting in weak operation of leijing factory in the first half of this year. However, recently, upstream and downstream manufacturers have released the message of price reduction and deceleration on sapphire substrates and LED lighting. The penetration rate of LED lighting in 2014 will be from 8 ~ 10 climbed to 20 at one stroke, becoming another major force in digesting chip production capacity. Yiguang said that the price of mainstream LED lighting fell by more than 20 this year. Although it is difficult to get rid of the trend of price reduction next year, the decline has the opportunity to be controlled within 20, which is better than this year. Yiguang currently adopts a dual-brand strategy for LED lighting, including EVERLIGHT and ZENANO, which have not officially entered a profit-making outbreak period. However, with the low price of chips and the rising demand for terminals, yiguang estimates that the penetration rate of LED lighting will rise to 20 next year, compared with only 8 ~ this year ~ The penetration rate of 10 showed a significant growth. In addition in sapphire substrate on price also temporarily bottoming out. Trend sapphire substrate factory pointed out that this year 2nd Season ~ 4th season sapphire substrate of ASP change not than in earlier of 9 Season ~ In the 10th quarter, the price has reached the bottom, and it remains to be seen whether the price will show a V-shaped trend or an L-shaped trend.
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