LED lighting is entering 2. 0 era

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-19
When the concepts of the Internet and the Internet of Things prevailed, representatives of German academia and industry first proposed industry 4. 0 research project, after Hannover Messe 2013, industry 4. The concept of 0 spread rapidly from Germany to Europe and began to influence the world. German federal government on industry 4. 0 attaches great importance to determining industry 4 in its 'high-tech Strategy 2020. 0 is one of the top ten future projects and has become a national strategy. The government has invested 0. 2 billion euros. This concept is of great significance for advancing the fourth industrial revolution. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to launch Industry 1. 0, 2. 0, 3. The era division of 0: Industry 1. 0, representing the industrial revolution, which took place in Britain in 1760s. This industrial revolution is marked by the widespread use of steam engines as power engines. It has completely changed the production mode of products, it created an era of replacing manual labor with machines. In the first half of the 19th century, machines themselves were also produced by machines, marking the completion of the Industrial Revolution. After the United Kingdom, France, the United States and other countries have also carried out an industrial revolution. Industry 2. 0. The Second Industrial Revolution began at the turn of the 20th century. Based on the division of labor, this industrial revolution adopted electric power to drive large-scale production of products, thus bringing human beings into the era of mass production. Industry 3. 0, began in the early 1970s S, the introduction of electronic and information technology, so that the manufacturing process is continuously automated, the machine not only took over a considerable proportion of physical labor, but also took over some mental work. Through the summary of the industrial development stage, I can't help thinking of LED lighting industry. Since the joint laboratory of GEMonsanto and IBM in the United States developed the red LED luminous tube in 1962, the application scope of LED has become wider and wider, and the application speed has become faster and faster, from indicator light, display screen, outdoor lighting, automobile lighting to general lighting, LED has penetrated into all aspects of our life, and at the same time it has directly LED to the revolution of the lighting industry. As a part of the electronics industry, it also follows certain development rules. In order to better understand the past, present and future of LED lighting, it is necessary to divide different stages of LED lighting development, this article attempts to make some definitions of LED lighting development in different time periods and product characteristics, in order to throw bricks to attract jade and to improve together. Welcome to discuss. Although LED was invented in 1962, the time when it was really used for lighting began in 2000 when Germany OSRAM company proposed to invest 0. 5 billion US dollars in the industrialization project of white LED. Since then, PHILIPS has integrated the upstream and downstream industries of LED through the power of capital. Companies such as NICHIA in Japan and CREE in the United States have also increased their research on the industrialization of lighting-grade white LED, while rapidly improving the performance of white LED, it greatly reduces the cost of LED and greatly promotes the technological progress and application speed of LED. Therefore, I feel that it is more appropriate to use 2000 as the starting year of LED lighting. Secondly, the main LED lighting products are still in the stage of replacing traditional light sources and lamps. It is expected that in 2015, the luminous efficiency of the mainstream lighting product system is eager to reach 100lm/w, which can replace the traditional lighting products in function. According to the current technology development trend, the whole lamp is expected to reach 200lm/w by 2020. At the same time, according to the characteristics of LED, the application mode and products of LED lighting will be innovated and unified, realize LED lighting in the true sense. According to this, we try to imagine different stages of LED lighting development: lighting 1. 0 era: 2000-2015 (E) , The whole lamp light effect tends to 100lm/w, for the traditional light source and lamps and lanterns can realize the replacement of lighting function, the application form to imitate the traditional light source and lamps and lanterns shape and photoelectric parameters replacement as the main way. Lighting 2. 0 era: 2016 (E)-2020 (E) , The whole light efficiency tends to be 200lm/w, LED bulbs, LED spotlights, LED tubes and other light source products are gradually reduced, and lighting integrated lighting products based on LED characteristics have gradually become the mainstream, dimming and intelligent control are becoming popular. Lighting applications have also evolved from the current lighting requirements to lighting requirements. Lighting 3. 0 era: 2021 (E) The lighting effect of the whole lamp tends to be 300lm/w, and LED lighting and architecture gradually merge and become a part of the architecture. Lamps and lanterns have the functions of active signal transmission and feedback reception, passive signal reception and identification, and intelligent control transitions from one-way communication to lighting system (Including control system) Realize two-way interactive communication with the illuminated object and integrate more functions other than lighting. As lighting people, our future is bright! Although the current competition in the industry has become incandescent, the development of enterprises is in an impetuous period: everything they want to do, the changes to be made are too fast, the resources of enterprises cannot keep up with each other, the listing of enterprises, the financing of financing, look at others are making big money, but they can't earn money. They are in contradiction and entanglement. It is difficult to make up their minds to expand production or to wait. In fact, we are now in LED lighting 1. In the 0 era, LED technology is still in rapid development and change. We need to think calmly: we need to use LED lighting 2. What is the position of the 0 era, and what do we need to do now?
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