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LED lighting industry will set off a wave of integration in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-27
International Monetary Fund (IMF)It is estimated that the economy will grow by 3. In 2014. 6. Economic recovery means that the LED lighting market will be further released. At present, the main markets of LED lighting industry are in North America, Europe and Asia, and Asia is dominated by China and Japan. It is understood that the penetration rate of LED lighting in 2013 was 26, up 4 from 2012, and is expected to reach 32. In 2014. 7. The market scale of LED lighting will be further expanded. The emergence of LED lighting is not only the third revolution in the lighting industry, but also people's pursuit of high-quality life of energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, the LED lighting market is an important opportunity that any lighting enterprise wants to seize. With the progress of LED lighting and the promotion of favorable policies, the price of LED lighting products has basically reached the Sweet point accepted by people. Undoubtedly, 2014 will be the year when the LED lighting market begins to explode in an all-round way, it will be a year when LED lighting enterprises will further widen the gap and the echelon pattern will begin to appear. Under the heat wave, the competition in the LED industry will be even more magnificent. Who can be proud of the jianghu of LED lighting? [Img] /Uploads/allimg/140506/14-140506145420351. Jpg [/Img] According to the time of entering LED lighting and the nature of business, there are currently three camps in the LED lighting industry: new LED lighting enterprises, traditional LED-to-LED enterprises and cross-border LED lighting enterprises. Each of the three types of enterprises has its own advantages and disadvantages. The new LED lighting enterprise has the advantages of technology and products, but Channel and brand building are weak links. Traditional LED lighting enterprises have experienced a long development and have a deep precipitation in terms of brands and channels. They can quickly push LED lighting products to the market by means of brands and channels, however, the market response speed is slow and the research and development and technology of LED lighting products are not mature enough. However, cross-border LED enterprises have taken a fancy to this fertile land and have abundant capital, but interlacing like a mountain, copying the successful experience of other industries to the lighting industry may be counterproductive, as a result, the understanding of the lighting industry is not clear enough, thus losing its direction and causing blind investment. Which type of enterprise will stand out in the cruel market competition? Many experts in the industry hold their own opinions, believing that these types of enterprises have their own strengths and cannot jump to judgment. It also depends on whether the enterprises have the determination to develop in the long run and the spirit of perseverance, the key is to look at the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. Whether the enterprise's culture, capital, technology, products, channels, brands and other aspects can come down in one continuous line and maximize its influence. When industry insiders comment on LED lighting in 2014, they will integrate it as a key word. Judging from the law of industrial development, the LED lighting industry chain is relatively long, and from upstream chips, packaging to application, it involves the problem of scale, the size of the production scale directly determines the cost and competitiveness of the enterprise, and occupying the advantage of the whole industrial chain is definitely a good move. This stage must be a large-scale integration of mergers and acquisitions is a good time, there will be a stronger pattern. The characteristics of LED lighting industry determine the strong demand for investment scale and capital. Therefore, in order to become the leading role in the LED lighting industry and the legendary swordsman, we must have the dual advantages of LED industry chain and technology; Product, team and channel advantages, as well as brand and sustainable investment capital advantages. At this stage, taking advantage of the cool breeze of the policy, domestic brands made in China, such as domestic cars and domestic clothing, are taking advantage of the rise. Countries without or without national brands not only lose the right to speak in the market, but also are related to the rise and fall of the country and its future. As a new industry, the gap between countries is not too obvious. The Rise of LED lighting provides unlimited possibilities for state-owned brands to rush to the world. Relevant sources have indicated that China's LED lighting field is likely to have international brands that compete with foreign lighting giants. The country's continuous actions have released a strong signal of the government's strong support for domestic LED lighting brands at the policy and procurement levels, and also show that the country has boosted consumer confidence, the determination to stimulate economic development has also provided favorable development opportunities for lighting enterprises. All lighting enterprises are racing against time to seize the commanding heights of development, and even some enterprises are too eager for quick success and instant benefits. As a matter of fact, LED lighting enterprises will always get better development as long as they firmly and steadily do a good job in their products, straighten out their three views, do not believe in viral marketing, and put the needs of consumers in their hearts. The development idea of some enterprises is to hurt the enemy one thousand, self-loss eight hundred advocates topic-based marketing to focus first, then to attract the eye, whether it can be washed white is the last word. In short, in short, such enterprises do not attach importance to their long-term development, which also affects the health and order of the entire LED lighting industry. Since the black is easy, it is difficult to wash White. After all, it is not a hammer to buy and sell. It will be destroyed for many years, and it will be cherished. It is easy to declare and difficult to implement. Many enterprises are lost because they are not firm enough. Since they have joined the LED lighting camp, please respect and support the development of the industry, and stick to it.
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