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LED lighting industry shines

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-26
2014 will be an extraordinary year for the lighting industry and a glorious year for the lighting dream. Some people say that LED is a new revolution sweeping the entire lighting industry. In the roar of it, we ushered in the light of the curtain Xu Qishi, and ushered in the warmth of the cold. We have to sigh that we are in a legendary era of lighting. Now, after several years of bloody battles, LED has gradually taken the lead and built a new industrial structure. Under great opportunities, LED enterprises are also facing many challenges. The lighting dream is the source of the power of industrial development, the dawn, and the power Lighthouse for the continuous development and transcendence of the lighting industry. Golden Years, carving time, when the beautiful light dreams float on the land of Hua state, let's restart the Wisdom Gate of the lighting era and open a new chapter in the lighting industry in 2014. In the dream of the lighting industry, we have seen these words: Channel, design, marketing, going abroad, returnees, and the Magic Lamp Award. Lighting enterprises seek new channels and new models to promote development; China's lighting design level is continuously improving; To create new achievements for the lighting industry with the power of marketing; Lighting enterprises go abroad and influence the world; The domestic big cake, the returnees come to share, how to win the world? The Aladdin lamp award highlights the glory and dreams of the lighting industry. World Dream, Chinese dream, lighting dream. The road is long, and I will go up and down. We will step by step, do our best, triumph, and move forward smoothly. Time is good, how dare you delay. The dream has set sail, only the fast horse can have the era. In 2014, we are on our way. The imagination of the channel, the battle of the Channel, who is dead? With the sharp increase in the number of enterprises entering the LED lighting industry and the rise of a large number of domestic renovation projects, almost all enterprises are running their horses at full capacity, hoping to take advantage of the East Wind of energy conservation and environmental protection, but they have chosen a good direction, there is also a need for good channels to pave the way. Who is the channel, who is the final winner. How to take the future road of the enterprise, how to use the channel to win the world? As is known to all, channels are a must for merchants, which is like a battle. The success or failure of the campaign depends on many factors, and the choice of channel is the primary factor, which determines the profitable space of the enterprise. For enterprises that are in urgent need of breakthroughs in development, it is not too much to compare channel selection to the choice of lifeline. Government projects make enterprises painful and happy. Data show that the output value of LED industry in Guangdong province has exceeded 210 billion, accounting for nearly of the country's total, ranking first in the country in terms of industrial scale. However, behind the data of the scenery, the chaos of the LED industry relying too much on financial subsidies has long been criticized by the outside world. What is more serious is that huge subsidies will inevitably bring room for interest exchange. Whether commercial lighting, industrial lighting, government office or public lighting, most of them are government engineering projects. These orders are unstable. In the long run, LED lighting enterprises cannot rely on them in the long run. Some people in the industry said so. Circulation channel is the lifeblood of lighting enterprises. There are significant differences in the characteristics of China's distribution channels. In the first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, modern channels represented by hypermarkets have become the dominant channels in the market, in the fourth-and sixth-tier cities and the vast central and western regions, the model of husband-and-wife stores and cooperatives is still strong, resulting in market chaos and inability to carry out large-scale development. In the future, there will be huge room for enterprise channel development. Engineering design channels have always been favored by manufacturers, because a single project with a large amount of money will greatly stimulate the sales of enterprises and establish a good corporate image and brand image, seize market share to continuously increase new profit growth points. The project Channel is full of the temptation of interests, and many companies are eyeing the project list, especially the large-scale urban renovation project. Design institutes, public clothing companies, home improvement companies, and designer sales channels have always been favored by industry people. For example, the engineering Channel has always been sanxiong. The strong field of aurora lighting, this year with LED as the entry point, is to increase the penetration of this aspect from many aspects. E-Commerce became a hot word in the lighting industry at the end of 2013. The channel has won the world, and the battle for new channels for corporate sales has been like an arrow. Whether it is Hanyuan and aoduo, which are playing a big role under the Tao brand, or op, which has entered the e-commerce channel with the strength of traditional lighting enterprises, various successful cases are for many lighting enterprises that are still on the move, there is no doubt that it is not a small touch. A paper of diversified sales channels has been placed in front of the lighting companies. Design dreams take off the Chinese dream, design dreams. To discuss the current lighting industry, we need to elaborate the requirements and prospects for lighting design from different angles. Design Art is the link to realize the harmonious development between man and nature. The Chinese Dream is embedded in each of our lighting people. Over the years, China's lighting design industry has developed rapidly, and the status of lighting designers has been continuously improved. Building a Dream in the future, we will push forward China's lighting design.
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