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LED lighting industry or use 'model market' to achieve breakthrough

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-02
Over the years, due to the popularity of LED, more and more people have begun to grab the industry. The lighting industry, as a fast-growing industry, has also made a lot of bosses who are not at all profitable. As a result, it has attracted more players from outside the industry. Unsurprisingly, the influx of a large amount of capital and enterprises will definitely lead to the fierce competition in the industry. As a result, many small and medium-sized LED enterprises, or some enterprises that have never been involved in LED before, I fell into the dilemma of selling products. As a result, everyone has put the weight on the investment, and they have sunk in strengthening channel expansion and optimizing channel coverage. Think that the channel is the world, after all, as far as the current LED industry is concerned, only by mastering the channel can the market be mastered. Therefore, enterprises are focusing on finding dealers, agents, or opening specialty stores, painstakingly, hoping to lay outlets nationwide and sell products. The model market has opened up the golden key of the LED lighting industry. There are thousands of ways to attract investment. Which one is effective? What kind of model should be used for investment promotion? How to get the dealer to pay attention? After investigation and observation, the reporter believes that creating a successful model market is undoubtedly an effective method. Model Market = Gold knocking bricks reporters through interviews and investigations, found that many companies have achieved good results in building a model market. Enterprises invest capital to build regional market, on the one hand, it can expand the scope of influence, create momentum, and lay the market popularity for future investment promotion; On the other hand, through the model market, the brand awareness has been enhanced, and the intangible assets in the corporate image have been more or less accumulated, which can give the dealers confidence and hope, thus improving the bargaining chip with the dealers. Successfully building a model market is of great significance to the investment of enterprises. It can be said that the model market is the golden stepping stone of the national market. There is also an example in China's lighting industry: Kaman lighting is a model for successful use of model markets. What's more, Wanglaoji, the well-known herbal tea, was popular all over the country by creating a model market at the beginning. If there is no long-term and arduous exploration in Wenzhou, Jiangxi, Beijing and other regional model markets, wang Laoji herbal tea will not achieve great success in the national market. If there is no long-term pilot in Jiangyin, Wuxi, Nanjing and other regional model markets, it will not achieve the hot sale of melatonin. If there is no exploration in the regional model market such as Hengshui, Hebei, it is impossible to see the success of six walnuts. Such cases are too numerous to mention. In fact, the vast majority of products with a wide range of best-selling products do not reach the top in one step. They all need a long and arduous process and breakthroughs in local and regional markets, establish a model market, then summarize the successful experience and lessons of the model market, and then promote it in a larger market with a reasonable rhythm to occupy a larger market. Therefore, for enterprises that covet the national market, it is very meaningful to build a regional model market, which can lay the foundation for the next success. The sample market is the experimental field of enterprise products and operation mode. Even if the style and price of a new product have been tested and evaluated, there is still an error with the actual effect after being put on the market, only after confirmation and adjustment in the model market can we avoid setbacks in a wide range of market actions. Behind a product that can sell well in the national market, it is often the support of model markets one by one, the rise of model markets one by one, thus gathering into a powerful force, success in the national market. The successful model market, the key hub of the national market, and the successful creation of the model market are of extraordinary significance for enterprises to attract investment. The model market was once called the Stone of the town of the enterprise to attract investment. In the process of attracting business, it is very difficult to recruit business only by relying on a investment promotion manual, a investment promotion conference and the persuasion of business personnel. Especially in today's society, market competition is becoming more and more fierce, business is getting worse and worse, and it is difficult to attract investment only by words. Dealers or franchisees must see real hope and feel real confidence. The successful operation of the model market is their confidence and hope. Therefore, it is necessary for enterprises attracting investment to cultivate a mature model market. At least, they can gain the trust of franchisees or dealers and enhance their desire to join and confidence in cooperation. With a successful model market, dealers have the confidence to expand their territory with the company and march into the country. In a sense, a mature and successful model market is much better than the effect of investment promotion advertisements and investment promotion briefings. There is no doubt that the successful establishment of the model market is of great significance to the smooth growth of a regional brand into a national brand, the successful launch of the model market can play a good demonstration role for a regional brand to enter a certain important regional market, and produce a strong fountain effect, which will then radiate to the entire regional market. Moreover, the successful operation of the model market has incomparable effects on the improvement of the brand image and popularity of the enterprise. The so-called preferring to be a chicken head instead of a phoenix tail, imagine a top-notch regional brand, is it better than a general brand that is unknown in the national market? There is no model market, it seems that the country is blooming, but a flash in the pan will slowly lose strategic opportunities in the national market until it withdraws from the historical stage. The successful establishment of model markets in some regional markets will be very conducive to the expansion of the national market of regional brands, so that regional brands will step by step from the region to the national market and grow into national brands.
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