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LED lighting industry faces reform Philips wants to be the leader

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-19
The general manager of Philips Lighting Hong Kong and Macau, Yan Shansi, pointed out that the lighting industry has a reform every 30 to 40 years, and it is now a reform period. She believes that the lighting industry has three major trends, and it is the direction of brand expansion. 1. The world needs more light: urbanization naturally increases the demand for lights; 2. Save energy: the energy that the world can produce is no longer enough to support the needs of the public; 3. Digital lamps: in addition to switches, consumers began to demand control of the platform to increase flexibility. There are two major types of markets that are suitable for each other. The world's demand for lighting is growing, but different sectors have different needs for lamps. Therefore, Philips divides the market into consumer market and professional market, and provides related products. Consumer market: in addition to providing self-produced lamps, many well-known brands have been introduced in recent years; Join Disney lamps and open up the children's market. Yan Shansi said: every brand has its own place and will not convert all brand names to Philips. In this way, the product category can be more diversified. Professional Markets: such as hotels, gymnasiums and airports, the lamps used have also undergone major changes in recent years. Yan Shansi said that in addition to replacing the bulb, we also provide a complete set of control solutions. In addition to traditional trading, Philips also launched a complete set of solutions. In the past, if you want to update, you can change the bulb. The lamp only has a switch. Now the lamp can be connected to many systems. Just like hotels, different areas can be managed by different systems. Philips has a dedicated team to develop appropriate solutions for the company. On the other hand, the lighting industry must continue to develop and must follow the trend of science and technology. Aoliang lighting tan Guoxin said that the current LED lamp occupancy rate in the entire market is about 30. It is expected that by 2020, its market share will increase to 50, and LED lamps will dominate the lighting market in the future. Philips, which is the first to develop LED and focuses on promotion, hopes to lead the market into a new era. Of course, it will not let go of LED business opportunities. Cen Shansi refers to 36 LEDs based on Philips products. For example, the FriendsofHue series launched by Philips earlier, in addition to using LED bulbs, add smart home elements, you can use smart devices, control lamps, and quickly launch smart products. The main force of Philips must be LED, and 60% of the promotion resources are placed on the LED. Yan Shansi said that he has done a lot of work in market education in the past few years. LED popularization market competition is now in the LED reform period, we are constantly increasing the proportion of the company's LED. However, LED is becoming more and more popular, and there are many rising stars in the market. It is not easy to maintain the leading position. Yan Shansi said that after the emergence of LED, many foreign companies have joined the LED market, and the market competition is more than ever, and there are great difficulties. However, because many people have promoted it, the acceptance of the entire market has also increased. She believes Philips still has an advantage. Many new competitors only focus on the development of LED, such as Sharp and Samsung. We have both LED and traditional lamps. The needs of customers are not necessarily just LED. If customers need anything, we have to sell it. To truly develop LED, we must not blindly implement it. We must clearly know the needs of our customers. Cen Shansi said that to understand the needs of customers, not all customers think that all lamps and lanterns should use LED, which can be a comprehensive plan. Buying a house to reduce the development of the lighting industry, in addition to the increasing market competition, the Hong Kong real estate market is dull, but also increase the difficulty of Philips development. Yan Shansi said that the volume of buildings fell and the competition was great. The number of people buying buildings has dropped, and the number of people who need to decorate and buy lamps will also decrease. The average person will only decorate after a period of time, so the industry has always relied on buyers. She also pointed out that the LED industry has a low threshold and the quality is uneven, which makes the public have the illusion that the quality of LED is not satisfactory. However, the situation is gradually improving. LED power saving and environmental protection adjustable light and dark LED is becoming more and more popular in Hong Kong. What is there? The proportion of electricity consumption is completely different, and the LED is more power-saving. Qiu Guoqiang, a notary public of Tianxiang, said that the life span is longer than that of tungsten bulbs and power-saving gallbladder, and the energy efficiency is better. You can already reach a brightness of 450 degrees with a 9-watt LED, and a tungsten bulb needs 40 watts. At the same time, it also has advantages in environmental protection. Traditional energy-saving lamps contain mercury, which is harmful to the environment, but LED does not. As for the application, it is also more useful than ordinary bulbs. Both light and color can be adjusted. LED is not necessarily lighting, but can also be used as decoration. LED is becoming more and more popular. As technology matures, costs fall and sales prices are adjusted. LED is a new technology and is still improving, including stability and heat dissipation. Qiu Guoqiang expects that the interchangeability of LED will be enhanced in the future. At present, the price of LED is still more expensive than other bulbs. Qiu Guoqiang pointed out that is there a day when the price of LED and power-saving bladder and tungsten lamp will be the same? It is possible, but it will take at least ten years and eight years.
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