LED lighting government projects continue, which enterprise can grab the opportunity?

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-27
The start-up project brings together the dominant forces and top semiconductor lighting enterprises in the field of semiconductor lighting health research such as optics, human efficacy and clinical medicine in China. Hubei Shenan Yaming won the bid 2. The editor of the 0. 8 billion yuan landscape lighting PPP project learned from the China government procurement network that Hubei Shenan Yaming Lighting Technology Co. , Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Hubei Shenan Yaming) The government and social capital cooperation of the landscape lighting project in the central city of Wulanchabu (PPP)Project, the project budget amount is 2. RMB 0. 8 billion. According to the inquiry, Hubei shen'an Yaming is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing shen'an Investment Group Co. , Ltd. , while Beijing shen'an Investment Group is a listed company, Feile Audio (600651)A wholly-owned subsidiary. According to the data, Hubei shen'an Yaming invested and built in Tianmen city, Hubei province in 2011. It is one of the major production demonstration bases invested and built by Beijing shen'an investment group in the country. The business scope includes the research and development, promotion, detection, production and sales of LED lighting system, LED electronic display screen, motor drive system, heating and refrigeration system, energy-saving technology of power distribution system and products; Comprehensive Energy Conservation Assessment and contract energy management business; Self-operated and agent import and export business of various commodities and technologies; Sales, technology development, technical consultation, technical service and technology transfer of LED products landscape lighting equipment and environmental protection equipment; City and road lighting engineering professional contracting level. Wuxi lighting bid 65. 25 million yuan lighting engineering project November 17 Wuxi lighting announcement the company in recently made the tenderee (Project owner) Wuxi public works construction Center issued the 'letter of acceptance' to determine the company's bid to Jianghai West Road (Luoshe Xinkaihe-Fengxiang interchange) Rapid transformation and supporting project lighting equipment procurement and installation project of Jianghai West Road and Lihu Avenue rapid transformation project. The bid price is 65. 25 million yuan. The company said that the successful bid and smooth implementation of the project will have a positive impact on the company's future business performance, market expansion and brand influence, and at the same time enhance the company's market competitiveness, it is of great significance to the future development of the company. As a Wuxi local State-owned enterprise with double qualification, in recent years, wuxi Lighting Co. , Ltd. won the bid to build Shanghai International Financial Center lighting, Hohhot key blocks lighting, Xi'an high-tech zone lighting upgrade, Yangzhou City key roads (Region) Lighting transformation, Chongqing Jiangbei District landscape lighting improvement and transformation, Wuxi Ancient Canal lighting improvement and other provincial and municipal key lighting engineering construction projects have created more than 100 provincial and municipal quality demonstration projects. 1200 specifications of the parking lot LED sensor lights! Foshan Lighting won the bid for the 2017 green lighting project of Beijing Energy conservation and environmental protection center. Recently, Foshan Lighting official WeChat said that Foshan Lighting won the bid for the 2017 green lighting project of Beijing Energy conservation and environmental protection center LED high-efficiency lighting product promotion project (Project number: ZB-17-225) , The project will be provided with 1200 parking lot LED sensor lights. It is reported that the project is commissioned by Beijing energy conservation and environmental protection center to organize the procurement of Beijing Beizi Engineering Consulting Co. , Ltd. , and plans to promote a total of about 400 thousand LED high-efficiency lighting products to all 16 districts in Beijing, it is used to optimize and upgrade the lighting status of public institutions such as schools and hospitals, and large public buildings such as transportation and cultural venues. Foshan Lighting said that the selection of government procurement projects indicates the company's research and development investment in the field of LED green lighting, the strength of nearly 400 patents and the automation upgrade of T8 automatic production line, panel lamp production line and other production terminals have been recognized by the state, which also demonstrates the brand influence of Foshan Lighting, it will certainly encourage us to continue to move forward in green lighting. As one of the lighting brands with strong comprehensive competitive strength in China, Foshan Lighting was selected into the government procurement list of energy-saving products of the National Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission in 2007. Since 2008, Foshan Lighting has won the bid for many consecutive years to participate in the promotion project of national high-efficiency and energy-saving lighting products. Since 2012, it has been committed to the transformation and upgrading from traditional lighting to LED lighting, vigorously developing LED lighting products, and continuously optimizing product organizations. Currently, it covers three major sectors: lighting, electrician and vehicle lighting. Recently, Foshan Lighting has made frequent moves in strategic cooperation, reduction, and winning the bid. The third quarter results are also quite eye-catching, once again attracting industry attention. The total budget is 28. 55 million yuan, and the special research on photobiological mechanism and application for healthy lighting was launched. Yesterday's news, the national key research and development plan strategic Advanced Electronic Materials key special light biological mechanism and application research for health lighting was launched in Suzhou high-tech zone. The project was approved and supported by the National Ministry of Science and Technology in July this year. The total budget of the project is 28. 55 million yuan, which is allocated by the central government. Semiconductor Lighting is a new type of lighting technology with broad application prospects. Doubts about the health of its products and unclear mechanism of Photobiology impact on human body have always been important factors affecting its development. The start-up project takes light and health as the research core, and determines the short, medium and long-term impact mechanism and law of semiconductor lighting on human health through relevant comparative research and light quality evaluation experiments, to form corresponding physiological and pathological databases. The start-up project brings together the dominant forces and top semiconductor lighting enterprises in the field of semiconductor lighting health research such as optics, human efficacy and clinical medicine in China. By Chinese Academy of Suzhou Medical The lead high-tech research and development center provide guidance support, it also united 15 units including China Institute of Standardization, Wenzhou Medical University, Fudan University, Tongji University and China University of metrology as the lead units of sub-projects.
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