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LED lighting focuses on single items and makes it easier to break through

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-29
What do you think of Wang Laoji? What do you think of Mengniu? When it comes to Libai, what do you think? What do you think of Xiaomi? What do you think of BMW? This is the charm of a single item. In the lighting industry, although the integration of LED elements Brings New impacts and challenges to product research and development, channel development, marketing mode, etc. , it cannot erase the profits and opportunities brought by single products to enterprises, especially at this stage, especially for small and medium-sized lighting enterprises. LED lighting is still in the stage of product Competition. When it is in chaos, it is in the process of exploration. The comments on the future trend analysis of lighting companies and the industry are endless. Some people say that the future of LED lighting era belongs to lighting listed companies because they have funds, resources, technology and talents. Some people say that the development of LED lighting enterprises must fully integrate the industrial chain and integrate upstream, midstream and downstream resources in order to obtain development space. Some people say that LED lighting enterprises must start the development of all categories, otherwise it is difficult to support the construction of Terminal brand image stores and build strong brands. So what is the truth? What is the status quo? The fact is: at present, there is no real brand in the LED lighting industry. The current situation is: in the domestic lighting industry, more than 95 lighting enterprises belong to small and medium-sized enterprises. At this stage, for a large number of small and medium-sized lighting enterprises with extremely limited resources, capital and qualifications, the competition is far from reaching the stage of competition for channels, brands and capital. Most of them do not have the ability to fully integrate the industrial chain, and even have a headache for food and clothing. In other words, up to now, the LED lighting era is still in the stage of product competition. The final foothold of the product competition stage is the product. In the face of product layout planning, is it to choose to enrich the product line and create a full category, or to concentrate on superior resources and pursue single products? Many companies choose or choose the latter. Focusing on single products is easier to cut into such choices. The main reason is that the company has limited resources, limited strength or limited ability. Yao Huaiju, the chairman of Zhuhai Taobo flat panel Lighting Co. , Ltd. , who focuses on the field of LED flat panel lighting, said in an interview: In terms of products, small and medium-sized enterprises should be specialized, and large and extra-large enterprises can be diversified; Enterprises below 0. 5 billion yuan should be specialized, and enterprises above 1 billion yuan should be diversified. Of course, 0. 5 billion yuan or 1 billion yuan here is more than an estimate. However, Mr. Yao's words tell us that for small and medium-sized lighting enterprises, it is easier to get more room for development by cutting into the market or industry with single products. So, what advantages can small and medium-sized lighting enterprises gain by entering the market with single products? Cost advantage; The integrated resources and input required for single products are far from those required for multi-category development. It can be said that the entry of single products is conducive to the scale procurement of the enterprise itself and the development of production advantages, so as to successfully reduce costs and obtain liquidity for sustainable development of the enterprise. This is a fatal temptation for small and medium-sized lighting enterprises. Second, focus on advantages; The manpower, material resources, financial resources and energy of the enterprise are extremely limited, and the product research and development, channel construction, promotion and publicity of the enterprise also need to be targeted. As Deng Zichang, chairman of Shenzhen Changfang semiconductor lighting, said: a single point breakthrough is definitely more powerful and more confident than a comprehensive breakthrough. Therefore, it is easier to focus on single items and make it easier to see results. Third, speed advantage; Admittedly, direction is more important than speed, but in the new era of LED lighting, the importance of speed cannot be ignored. On the premise that the cost performance of products can be guaranteed and supplemented by the construction and development of channel outlets, enterprises that pursue single products as the King can realize rapid expansion, form large-scale sales and promote the development of enterprises. Fourth, the advantage of sharp knife; There are tens of thousands of LED lighting enterprises. The competition in the LED lighting market is fierce, and traditional lighting brands have long been deeply rooted in the local market. Enterprises pursuing single products are not only expected to rely on high cost performance to impact the market in terms of products, but also easier to enter peer channels, and have strong ability to sneak into and parasitize in channels. However, at the same time, enterprises keen on single products also face some potential worries and risks in the development process. For example, if the product type of a single product enterprise is single and the resources are too concentrated, once the macro policy is adjusted or the market environment is sluggish, the risk factor will rise sharply and even threaten the survival of the enterprise.
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