LED lighting exports increased by nearly 50 to strengthen innovation

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-19
This year, the domestic sales and exports of LED lighting have shown rapid growth. However, the market is mixed up with good and evil people, and where will China's huge LED industry go after rapidly replacing traditional lighting in the next few years, which are the two major propositions puzzling the industry. On the afternoon of June 10, the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance (CSA) It is announced that China's LED lighting industry has officially launched the leader system to regulate the market and promote technological progress in the industry. The first batch of lists will be announced in October this year. At the same time, it also launched the Cultural Science and technology innovation service alliance, hoping to expand the application space for LED through cross-border innovation. Wu Ling, secretary general of the semiconductor lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance in nearly 50 countries, said that she had just returned from the Las Vegas lighting show and saw 95 ~ 98 of the lighting products are LED. After about ten years of hard work, semiconductor lighting saw the dawn today. In fact, this year, not only the Chinese market, but also the overseas LED lighting market is very hot. According to the data from the high-tech LED Research Institute, the export scale of China's LED lighting in 2013 exceeded 5. 4 billion US dollars. In the first quarter of 2014, China's LED lighting exports reached 13. $7. 6 billion, an increase of 63. 7. April 2014, china led lighting export up to 8. $6. 7 billion, a record high. 2014, china led lighting export will more than 8 billion beauty yuan with than growth 48. Zhang Xiaofei, president of the high-tech LED research institute, predicts that the export of LED lighting sources and lamps will reach 18. In 2014. 0. 5 billion, an increase of 71. 3, the market size increased by 48, which means that prices continue to decline. Facing the explosive LED lighting market, how to build a healthy LED industry ecological environment is particularly urgent. According to the statistics of high-tech LED, in overseas markets, the recall of LED lighting products in China involves more than 70 brands, of which 44 are unknown brands, most of which are related to electromagnetic compatibility. Zhang Xiaofei called on China's LED lighting industry to be self-disciplined to avoid damaging the overall image of Chinese brands and affecting overseas LED lighting orders. The system regulates the market and launches the leader system today. This is a very important thing. Wu Ling said. Yan Jun, executive deputy secretary-general of the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance, said that Japan has had successful experience in implementing the energy efficiency leader system. As early as 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission proposed to establish a leader system for semiconductor lighting; The 'semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry plan' jointly issued by the six ministries and commissions in 2013 further clarified it. Ruan Jun told us that the leader system is divided into production end and product end, and through the production links of LED industry chain (Chip, package, application) And periodically assess the energy consumption level of end products, position enterprises with high energy efficiency production level and energy efficiency products as leaders, and periodically make dynamic adjustments. It is planned to release the list of leading runners in October this year. Yan Jun revealed to this reporter that whether the shortlisted leader will receive government subsidies is still unclear. The key is to promote efficient and energy-saving LED products, encourage technological innovation of enterprises, and cultivate brand-name enterprises to guide the healthy development of this emerging industry by publishing the list of energy efficiency leaders. Li Guoping, chairman of Guangzhou Hongli Optoelectronics, who has just watched the 2014 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, lamented: some enterprises have an annual income of 30 million ~ 50 million yuan, but spent 3 million yuan to build a booth. The LED lighting industry has risen, but the products are a bit messy. A 9-watt bulb lamp of a Jiangxi enterprise only sells 5 yuan, which will hurt consumers with high expectations of LED, because some LED lamps are not energy-saving at all, so the industry does need standards. Now the association promotes the leader system, which can help consumers choose the best. Tang Guoqing, general manager of Samsung LED China, believes that although it is still unclear whether there is a subsidy for the leader, once it is shortlisted, it will undoubtedly increase the basis for enterprises to participate in government procurement. He suggested that the leader system should be announced once a year or once a year, and it should not be too frequent; At the same time, I hope that the judging process should be fair, open and fair. Cross-border innovation, another problem that plagues the healthy development of the LED lighting industry is that the life of LED lighting is year 78 years, far longer than the two or three years of energy-saving lamps. At present, the popularity of LED lighting is so fast, so in a few years, after replacing the traditional lighting, the renewal cycle of the lighting industry will be lengthened. Where is the future growth space for tens of thousands of LED enterprises in China? Zhang Xiaofei said that the growth rate of LED general lighting market 2013 is very high, but the growth rate has declined rapidly. In 2013, 136 billion yuan, an increase of 78. 9; It is estimated that 211 billion yuan will be raised in 2014, up year on year. 1; In 2015, 320 billion yuan, an increase of 51. 7. By 2020, the estimated income will be 817 billion yuan, up 11. 8. Dou Linping, secretary general of China lighting Society, bluntly said: in the next three to five years, if the replacement ends, the industry will be very horrible. How do so many companies deal with the future market? If the lamps are changed from three in one year to one in five years, the turnover of the industry will slow down, and the industry will enter the elimination period, eventually forming a group of enterprises with strength, brand and international standing. In order to open up new space, yesterday, the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance jointly launched a number of cultural enterprises and lighting enterprises to jointly establish a cultural science and technology innovation service alliance, hope to open up new application space for LED. Wu Ling believes that after the completion of LED replacement of traditional lighting, its application and technology improvement space will still be large in the next ten years, and it will develop in an intelligent, personalized and more comfortable direction.
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