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LED lighting exports are now in the New World

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-28
Since ancient times, the autumn has been sad and lonely, and the domestic LED enterprises have been surrounded by the technical barriers of Europe, America and Japan. However, there are also many companies that have a good time, mainly due to their keen sense of emerging markets. It is observed that the demand for LED lighting products in Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Africa and other countries or regions is on the rise in the near future, and domestic LED export enterprises will usher in new development opportunities. With Russia's accession to the WTO, the import tariff rate has been lowered. According to foreign media reports, the proportion of LED lighting in Russia continues to grow. In the long-term prospect, the proportion of Russian LED lighting market in the range will be 1- 5. The growth rate of Russian LED lighting market will reach 28-48. By 2014, the popularity of LED transformation will exceed 0. 3 billion and will increase further, mainly due to energy efficiency and optimization of power expenditure. The current potential capacity of the Russian lighting equipment market is 5. 0. 6 billion euros, and in order to replace all the light sources in Russia, 110 billion LED lights are needed, more than half of which will be used in the commercial and consumer fields. The export of LED lighting is now booming in the New World. At that time, it is worth noting that Russia has officially joined the WTO, and the import tariff has recently decreased to a certain extent, which has reduced the export cost of China's advantageous commodities, the channels for entering the Russian market are also more smooth, which is conducive to expanding the export of Chinese LED commodities and increasing the profit margin of Chinese enterprises. Thailand has zero tariff, and the demand for LED lighting projects is large. According to the analysis of Kaitai Research Center, the total value of Thailand's lighting market in 2012 was about 1. 4 billion yuan, of which LED accounted for about, it is expected that the proportion will increase to 45 by 2015-50. At present, the Thai government is vigorously implementing the lighting project, and the demand for LED has increased. As long as Chinese enterprises obtain certificates of origin in China, LED products can enjoy zero tariffs when exported to Thailand, and the price in Thailand is 2- Three times, however, light source products exported to Thailand must be certified by Thailand's certification system. In addition, it is noted that most parts of Thailand are tropical monsoon climate, which is hot and rainy all year round. Products exported to the country need to be protected against heat and moisture. LED enterprises can also consider exporting portable devices such as LED emergency lights and flashlights to the country. Vietnam's investment in infrastructure construction, LED lighting prospects are considerable, according to Vietnam's Ministry of Construction published '2011- Draft national urban development plan 2020, 2011- In 2020, the total investment in Vietnam's urban development was 1098 trillion rupiah (About US $50 billion) , By 2015, the national urbanization level will reach 38. According to the plan, 2011- The investment amount of urban development in 2015 includes the investment of 20 billion dollars of new facilities and 3 billion dollars of transformation of City appearance; 2016- In 2020, it was 27 billion US dollars, including 24 billion US dollars for new facilities and 3 billion US dollars for City appearance renovation. This means that LED lighting has great potential for expansion in the Vietnamese market and may become a new strategic stronghold for Chinese LED enterprises in the future. India has a wide outdoor application space for LED lights. At present, 80 of India's lighting products come from China. The outdoor application space for LED lights is huge, and the Indian government is considering transforming the traditional lighting system into an LED lighting system, india's LED lighting market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 41. 5, and will continue until 2015. The dark horse of the rise of the LED lighting market in Africa, in Africa, about of the rural population has no electricity supply, and there are basically no street lamps in the small streets of many cities. The basic lighting and municipal lighting markets are potential markets in Africa and are in urgent need of development. Moreover, the African market is at the low end of the lighting market, with low requirements on product performance, low cost, basic lighting function, reliability and durability, and guarantee no replacement for 3 years, products with simple operation can meet the market demand. Off-grid solar lighting products, indoor small portable lights, 1 ~ 5W solar LED bulbs, emergency lights, etc. , street lamps that can meet basic lighting needs are urgently needed to be promoted. With the rapid development of modern cities in Africa, the lighting market has not only stayed in the low-end market, but also included diversified mid-end lighting markets concentrated in markets, stations, shopping malls and other places, can export solar power generation systems, traffic lights and other products. In lighting markets such as tourist areas and villas, courtyard lamps and street lamp products can be developed. For the public basic lighting market of intergovernmental cooperation, 1 ~ can be developed ~ 5W solar LED bulb, 5 ~ A small solar LED lighting system composed of 10 lamps and a small AC power supply system of 220V600W Watts. The demand for LED lighting in emerging international markets is gradually fermenting. Instead of hitting the wall in the European and American markets, it is better to transfer positions and open up these new continents. At the same time, the enterprise itself should have its own innovation in intellectual property rights and product standards, pay real-time attention to the new progress of foreign laws and regulations, and strengthen information exchange with foreign customers, improve the production process of products and reasonably choose the export market to avoid the trade risk of export products being returned or recalled.
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