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LED lighting enterprises need to grasp the development direction in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-04
Industry keywords in 2013 are lively. In the industry, many brand enterprises have strengthened product design and research and development, trying to break the limitations of focusing only on price and quality in the past; It is essential to promote new products and start the market. The news that the stock price of listed companies has LED the concept of chickens and dogs to the sky is also endless. However, at present, the market competition in LED lighting industry has tended to be standardized, and price reduction is an inevitable trend. From the perspective of the development of China's LED lighting industry, through the careful cultivation of the government and the efforts of enterprises, the LED lighting industry may enter a mature period of small profits but quick turnover in 2014, excellent strength is the magic weapon for the survival and development of enterprises. In 2014, how should lighting enterprises control the development direction? Teyoushi Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Yin Kang, managing director of the limited company, said: it can be summarized into the following three aspects: first, the new brand must have a significant improvement in brand building and performance, and the virtual potential of blowing, pulling, playing and singing will not be sustainable; Second, listed companies must make real achievements while dust falls to the ground. It can be expected that the differentiation of stock prices is inevitable; Third, the traditional brand must complete the turn, the performance can resume growth. Whether for new or old brands, 2014 is particularly important and will be a watershed. The government's energy-saving and emission-reduction projects, increasingly planned market operations, the price of LED lighting, the introduction of policies, and the stability of technologies will all accelerate the development of the industry. Is it a misunderstanding that brand positioning can sell expensive? Yiguang lighting management (Shanghai) Wu Zhengyi, general manager of the limited company, said that Wu Zhengyi said: the main line of competition in the LED lighting industry this year will still follow the essence of competition in the industrial chain. The focus is on how downstream manufacturers can more effectively mobilize channel resources and harvest business shares. In the meantime, the competition of channels, products and brands will deepen and upgrade. Price war is a comprehensive reaction of many competitive factors. Price competition alone cannot be sustained, and the management output and integration innovation for channels with industrial chain thinking are the difficulties and opportunities. Therefore, in the LED era, the price ability is shaped to sing the song of which mountain. Don't be left-leaning price violence, nor should you hold ostrich-like right-leaning price profiteering. Now some people's misunderstanding is that the so-called brand positioning can be sold more expensive. As everyone knows, the price support of the brand depends on the support of the system. Many people agree that NVC's products can be more expensive than other brands because NVC has strong system capabilities to support the price, so does Opal, not to mention Philips and Osram. Wu Zhengyi also said: At the same time, the integration of manufacturers is my point of interest this year. Traditional brands have past interests and real interests, and the relationship between manufacturers is relatively stable. How to gain the trust and cooperation of channel providers for new LED brands and brands that hope to make a leap is a topic. 2014, can pain generate happiness? Zhang Wuren, general manager of Guangzhou Yuezhi lighting Appliance Co. , Ltd. , is a lighting expert with rich business experience in lighting. How does he view the LED lighting market in 2014? After 2013 years of eagerness to try, the LED lighting market is booming, but the crisis is overwhelming. Traditional enterprises can't find road signs, sales profits can't be done, and the sense of crisis is quite heavy. I believe that there will be a lighting revolution in 2014. Everyone is eager to jump out of the traditional model, how easy is the transformation? Transformation is the general trend, but if you want to jump out completely at one time, I am afraid that there is more than enough. Each manufacturer is trying to advertise the quality and life guarantee of their products as much as possible, but how many can really pass the customs? As LED products become more and more mature, they are bound to take their essence and discard their dross. However, they are still brewing and developing in the process and are not fully mature. Many customers are still just getting rid of the wait-and-see state, I dare not act rashly. Many unconventional ideas are constantly emerging. When you hold your own life, don't forget to accept these ideas and use them. The future must be a creative culture, no creativity, you can only stand still and be self-contained. With the rise of e-commerce, physical stores are increasingly depressed and have a wide range. Li Ning's exclusive store has closed more than 1800 physical stores, and Li Ning has to go out again. Suning and Gome did not dare to act rashly and temporarily hold the expansion plan. The development of e-commerce has greatly shocked our attention, because e-commerce covers our traditional behaviors. If we don't keep pace with the times, then you must be eliminated tomorrow! E-commerce has universality, convenience, integrity, safety, coordination and integration. It covers a wide area and has a large scope. It is not limited by space and time. It has a broader market and is the future trend! In 2014, enterprises in transition are painful, but they grow and grow in pain, but they are happy!
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