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LED lighting enterprises need the spirit of self-innovation

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-02
On October 7, the Nobel Prize selection committee of the Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics would be awarded to 85-year-old Japanese scientist akazaki Yong, 54-year-old Amano Hiroshi and 60-year-old American Japanese scientist Nakamura, in recognition of their contribution to the discovery of new efficient and environmentally friendly light sources, the high-efficiency blue light emitting diode (LED)Brings a bright and energy-saving white light source. As a heavyweight expert in the LED lighting industry, Tang Guoqing, general manager of Samsung LED lighting China, said that blue LED won the Nobel Prize, which is a blessing to the entire LED lighting industry. However, he stressed that the LED industry is highly competitive. Now there are chip manufacturers or packaging manufacturers and lighting manufacturers directly combined. Is your enterprise moving forward or moving forward in the industrial chain. You still have to consider, 3 years may be no problem, 5 years may have problems. Enterprises must have the ability of self-innovation and self-innovation in order to stand firm in the market. The LED lighting market started rapidly. Zhou Xuejun, marketing director of PhilipsLumileds Asia, said that with the increase of LED lighting efficiency and the decline of prices, the market will reach a sweet point and grow rapidly. 2014 ~ The application of LED in 2018 is still characterized by a large growth momentum of lighting. It is estimated that the annual compound growth rate of relevant output value is still as high as 19, followed by 9 of automobile lighting, flashLED for photographic applications also has a compound annual growth rate of 4. The current application of large panel backlight is because the penetration rate is close to 100, and the future is facing the pressure of recession. The annual compound growth rate is-5. Dou Linping, secretary general of the China lighting Society, was even more amazing when analyzing the future trend of LED lighting. The industry has experienced high growth, and only some high-quality enterprises have performed well. Before two years LED capacity excess 2014 National production LED lighting of enterprise have 20 thousand home lighting output value 2013 only 480 billion even if next year keep 15 of growth rate market scale reached 600 billion, only 5000 companies will survive in the next three years. Tang Guoqing believes that LED lighting enterprises are now thinking of scale and seeking perfection in market positioning. For example, Sanan of the mainland has returned to Xiamen and has become a national team, the number of MOCVD is planned to increase by 170 from the original 200 units. The 0. 7 billion controlling shares of Tongfang are Zhen Mingli, and the first class in Guangzhou. The industrial chain has expanded to include the extension of Nantong Tongfang. Zhen Mingli's packaging and indoor and outdoor lighting are developing in the direction of seeking perfection. But for SMEs, this is obviously unreasonable. He clearly pointed out that this is an era of segmentation, where is your market segment? For example, in 2013, LED street lamps were ranked in the domestic market share, and Huapu Yongming was the second. Why can this be done? This is closely related to the division of labor. Tang Guoqing emphasized that we should have the spirit of self-innovation and the spirit of self-revolution in any industry. The World Lighting giant Philips was very painful in 2014. LED lighting was surging in application. His left hand and right hand were all his lighting World. After that Philips split the lighting. Foshan Lighting, one of the representatives of traditional lighting enterprises, is carrying out self-innovation. Pan Jie, chairman of Foshan Lighting, said that there are two systems of Foshan Lighting, and there are still more than 2 billion sales of traditional lighting; The other is LED lighting. Transforming from a bulb to an LED, the pressure is high. Pan Jie said that the products six months ago could not be sold now, and the replacement was very fast. The lighting industry chain is long, and now everyone likes to cross-border. Buddha also wants to be an engineering company. In the face of temptation, one must learn to do subtraction. Innovation is based on products and technologies. The future development of enterprises can be expected. Tang Guoqing said that innovative technologies can change the development trend of the LED market. For example, to go to the gold wire, to the bracket, that is, the so-called non-packaged chip, its characteristics are: flip chip, no gold wire, further improved reliability; New packaging structure, no bracket; Phosphor film technology, directly attached to the surface of the flip chip, can achieve strict light color consistency; The chip directly welds the heat dissipation platform, the thermal resistance is greatly reduced, and the same device volume can provide more power. Tang Guoqing pointed out that the batch output of unpackaged chips is now a difficult point because the process is very difficult. However, once the existing technology is broken through and large-scale production is entered, the real cost-effective era will come. Zhongshan Xiaolan's three-dimensional photoelectric use Samsung FCLED has made some breakthroughs in indoor and outdoor lighting products. It can be directly applied to street lamps and mining lamps in outdoor lighting products. In particular, indoor lighting products partially replace COB, with high reliability, high current, random chip combination and more flexible optical design. The three-dimensional photoelectric uses the high-precision thick film circuit technology of military quality to make the substrate, so that the product has excellent performance and super stability on the basis of ultra-high cost performance, it has brought a good start for the rapid promotion of FCLED in China. Dou Linping, secretary general of China lighting Society, also solemnly warned that in the future LED market competition, in addition to LED lighting market channels, products and technologies themselves are the foundation for the development of enterprises. No matter how successful the channel is, without good products, it cannot support the future development of the enterprise.
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