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LED lighting enterprises compete for circulation channels

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-27
To win a thousand miles, you still need to strategize. 2014 is undoubtedly the key year for many LED lighting brands to set the pattern. Throughout, circulation and engineering channels are still the focus of major brands, and the former is eye-catching. Mulinsen lighting, Foshan Lighting, kosiberi, Stanford lighting, NVC-Dehao and Yiguang lighting are among them. Its similar marketing model, Sea tactics, advertising bombing, similar product systems, stereotypes, positioning and circulation, is also easy to let the industry compare and discuss. In 2014, the competition for circulation channels has become white-hot, but the problem is also quite prominent. What will be the way out? The initial marketing expenses of circulation channels account for at least 15- 20, and this does not include the year-end Commission of marketing management and front-line salesmen. Only continuous input can produce output, and there is no ready-made case reference for the depth of output. The difficulty of opening the circulation channel for LED emerging products can be imagined. At present, most LED circulation enterprises use the traditional sales mode to realize the sales mode for end customers by partners such as distribution, agency and alliance. Its advantage is that it can quickly layout, realize the blooming of product marketing network everywhere, and quickly occupy the consumption field. However, the disadvantage is that it cannot control the profitability and loyalty of dealers. If there is no attractive investment promotion policy or profits are not realized in a short period of time after joining, it is also a common phenomenon that dealers withdraw one after another or turn around. Because of this, the cost is high. However, this model is also more suitable for the situation that the domestic region is vast and the demand market level is complex, and it is also the focus of active exploration and layout of LED lighting enterprises. Now the application terminal is very different from the traditional lighting era. If you rely too much on a traditional channel or invest too much in a short period of time, you will easily fall into it and lose your advantage in the near future. Hong Yannan, chairman of guangmingyuan lighting, told Gao Gong LED the reporter. The construction of LED lighting channel system is not a one-day effort. The circulation application products themselves and their unique characteristics of the market environment, while the development of traditional lighting channels faces many new challenges. Tan Jian, general manager of laiwei Optoelectronics, analyzed that if the channel brand scuffle is still in the stalemate stage, the demand market is launched in a regional and phased manner, and the product quality is not easy to identify, the imbalance of the proportion of producers and distributors caused by the lack of confidence of distributors, etc. These complex market environments have doomed LED lighting enterprises to be unable to achieve quick success and instant benefits in the construction of circulation channels to some extent. [img] /uploads/allimg/140508/22-14050Q10523639. jpg [/img] The reporter learned that there are three main problems in the enterprises that attack the LED circulation channels with a large investment model: serious follow-up, superstitious speed, and excessive investment. Follow-up trend includes highly homogeneous products, duplicate operation mode, similar channel strategies, similar brand positioning, etc. No way, the key resources of the circulation channel are these. The situation of changing the soup without changing the medicine often happens, which makes the terminal market dealers tired of coping, and also greatly reduces the effect of enterprise investment and new product promotion. A director who is trading the light source product market for a LED company said helplessly. Superstitious speed is also a common problem for enterprises that are currently investing heavily in channels. As we all know, the construction of channels has never been overnight. Rapid flowering and full-scale spread may look beautiful in a short period of time, and may also cause sequelae such as insufficient maintenance of outlets, tight capital chain of enterprises, low profitability of single stores, and serious loss of businesses. There is also a disproportionate input and output. The circulation channel relies on the volume, and the volume means that it is necessary to open up enough outlets nationwide and continue to support high-yield energy to form a scale effect. In the field of circulation, large-scale production and large-scale circulation will become the norm. Only the scale, the cost can be reduced; Only the scale, sales can be done. The industry has summarized this. However, the cost of market development in the early stage has increased greatly, including product research and development, business teams, marketing activities, exhibition advertisements, commission rebates, monthly settlement of goods, etc. However, once the terminal sales performance is delayed, it will face the embarrassment of not making ends meet. Whether it is for circulation or engineering channels, I think products, logistics, capital, brands, information and resources are indispensable, in addition, only by combining the point, line, surface and body of the marketing mode to carry out a series of combination configuration can an integrated service platform with differential competitiveness be formed. Otherwise, spending money alone will only bring bitter fruit. Lin Jiliang calmly analyzed that a good brand strategy can not only expand channels, but also optimize and upgrade channels, inject corporate culture into channels, and facilitate the rapid launch of the market, stabilize the company's control over the Channel. In addition, many people in the industry believe that enterprises should formulate appropriate market layout in different development periods, and brand reputation strategy and cost-effective products are the red line throughout. All market problems can return to the problem of product line. Lu Weidong, general manager of Yuanhui Optoelectronics China, explained the relationship between the product and the market to the high-tech LED reporter. In his eyes, the product system as a fist in the market, determines the success or failure of enterprise channel development.
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