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LED lighting competition in China will become more and more fierce in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-11
In 2014, with the full spread of LED lighting in the market, the situation of traditional light sources dominating the whole country was subverted, and the bright prospect of the industry attracted many laymen enterprises to share the cake. 2014 is a year of great waves and sand washing in the LED industry. Only those enterprises that have the advantages of product power, brand power, research and development power, promotion power and sales power can survive in this year, and gradually started their own brand. At present, the LED lighting technology is not yet fully mature, the defects such as the inability to guarantee the product quality and insufficient innovation have LED to vicious competition in the industry. In the all-round competition in 2014, this phenomenon will be alleviated to a certain extent. The LED industry must undergo cruel baptism before it reaches a mature stage, what can survive in this baptism must be LED lighting enterprises with various or certain advantages. The bright prospect of LED attracts many large enterprises at home and abroad to enter, which will lead some small and medium-sized enterprises to panic and adopt the way of holding a group to defend the enemy in order to survive and develop. So, does cross-border payment mean bad? Can you sit back and worry about the enemy? On the one hand, cross-border competition will intensify the competition in the LED lighting industry; on the other hand, it will prompt more enterprises and people in the industry to think about the development direction of the industry and the future competition pattern so as to take countermeasures. The emergence of the group shows that the enterprise has realized the threat it faces. Holding groups is an inevitable outcome of intensified competition and a way for enterprises to seek common development through complementary resources. The purpose of holding a group is to win-win, but the current problems in the LED lighting industry, such as uneven product quality and complementary advantages, make it very difficult to hold a group. Whether the group can resist the enemy depends on whether the group's enterprises are open-minded to seek cooperation and cooperation mechanisms. How to deal with cross-border operation is not only related to individuals and individual enterprises, but also related to the whole industry. Every lighting enterprise should establish industry awareness, find its own core competitiveness, and on this basis seek complementarity and establish a mature cooperation mechanism, so as to make it more meaningful to hold a group to defend the enemy. At present, the establishment of various associations and Alliance organizations in the industry is a good opportunity for enterprises to realize alliance, complement each other's advantages and resist the enemy. All enterprises should participate in it, strengthen communication and cooperation, and jointly promote the development of the industry.
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