LED lighting companies still can't relax

by:ALLTOP      2020-12-11
When the competition focus of LED lighting industry still stays on the large circulation products, wholesalers have adopted the mentality that they would rather choose the wrong 100 than miss one and choose to cooperate with enterprises, to ensure that opportunities are not missed in the future. At this time, LED lighting enterprises do not have to rest easy to hold their thighs, because there is the possibility of being abandoned by their thighs at any time. On March 21, TCL Lighting released cost-effective LEDT5 all-plastic bracket, T8 all-plastic straight pipe, T8 integrated bracket, LED series modular lamp panel, modular bracket, intelligent adjustable LED series home ceiling lamp in Huizhou, LED engineering downlights, COB Series LED spotlights five series of new products. Among the new products, the author found that T5 and T8 occupy an important position in TCLLED lighting. Including in 2013, TCL Lighting also took the trend of returning, vigorously carrying the banner of LED popularization, shocking the introduction of LED stick T5 bracket, and entered the market with ultra-high quality and ultra-low price. In addition, a number of large enterprises such as Yiguang lighting, mulinsen, Changfang lighting, Foshan Lighting, Kosi Pali, teyoushi, Ford and so on are stepping up efforts to develop LED lighting channels, however, a careful analysis of the product structure of these enterprises will reveal that T5, T8, bulbs, light belts and other large circulation products are in large quantities. Because the current LED lighting market is still in the replacement market, these products are simple and belong to the circulation products. He Wei, deputy general manager of Midea lighting, believes. The study found that the large circulation products of LED lighting can not only rely on the original stores of dealers, but also need not make too many changes, because the channel construction is shorter, less investment and faster effect than the traditional lighting, and can effectively use hardware channels. This is why LED lighting enterprises can establish so many sales outlets in a short time. For example, after the successful establishment of the core foundation of 47 logistics centers in the country, Stanford circulation has entered the stage of distribution channel development this year. The current situation in this industry also means that wholesalers will usher in a two-year moisturizing period. In the past two years, as traditional lighting enterprises and emerging enterprises have stepped up the development of channels, they have given wholesalers, especially wholesalers with strong radiation capabilities, various preferential policies. For wholesalers, when the competition focus of the LED lighting industry is still on the large circulation products, the LED lighting brand is still unclear, and it is not clear who is the future Rex and Op, they can only choose to seize a few more brands and choose to cooperate with enterprises with the mentality that they would rather choose the wrong one than miss one, so as to ensure that they will not miss opportunities in the future. In this round of LED lighting game of manufacturers, strong wholesalers firmly hold the initiative. For manufacturers, being able to choose to cooperate with them is like holding their thighs. But what is the actual situation? For example, Shandong Shilin lighting is a big business in the retail channel of the industry, and many manufacturers will be delighted because of this thigh. However, according to relevant sources, there are currently no fewer than 40 brands represented by Shilin lighting, some of which are LED lighting brands, this year, Shilin lighting will pass the market test and phase out some LED lighting brands that are not competitive in the market. Therefore, for LED lighting manufacturers, being able to hold thighs is of course not an important step towards success, but it still needs to be hard, otherwise there is still the possibility of being abandoned. Another point to consider is that when there are more brands represented by wholesalers, whether their own brands can be promoted as one of the key factors for success or failure. When their own brand is marginalized by the merchants, the meaning of holding the thigh is not particularly big.
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