LED lighting companies have different views on the industry

by:ALLTOP      2020-12-03
On last September, the executive vice president of Shenzhen LED Industry Federation and the boss of Duoli Industrial Co. , Ltd. were driven off the road, causing an uproar in the industry, which even triggered a domino effect, the examples of LED business owners in Foshan and other places have been constantly heard. Affected by factors such as the European debt crisis and the sluggish US economic situation, the export orders of LED companies began to drop sharply in the second half of last year. As of the end of last year, there were nearly 100 LED enterprises in Shenzhen, and nearly 10% of the enterprises in Foshan closed down. A cold wave of bankruptcy spread to the entire Pearl River Delta. On the other hand, according to the policy, incandescent lamps will gradually withdraw from the historical stage from this year, and the lighting market will be vacated by more than 100 billion yuan. In addition, the government will spare no effort to deduce that LED enterprises are expected to further expand the big cake for commercial use, quickly pull the explosive growth of LED industry. In the LED industry, different enterprises have different experiences and views on the development of the industry. At present, the development of the industry is good or bad, fast or slow, happy or worried, and each has its own rhetoric, there are even different arguments between the industry reshuffle and the arrival of spring. Shuffle controversy, the just past Guangya Exhibition, the exhibition area of 210 thousand square meters, set the scale of the previous, and attracted the top international giants to gather, this grand occasion made Zhou Yuancun, deputy general manager of Dehao Runda electric marketing department, deeply touched. I think LED's spring has really come. Although there were many exhibitors in the past exhibitions, there will be a debate in the whole industry. Whether LED is the mainstream of the industry in the future, traditional lighting and LED will make their own voices. However, this inconsistent voice does not exist at all this year. No matter the light source giants, Philips, Osram GE, etc. , or some domestic enterprises with relatively strong strength, all have decided that LED is the direction of future lighting. In addition, at the government level, the government has increased investment and spared no effort to foster emerging industries. The development of an industry needs the right place at the right time and the right people at the right time. I think the LED industry has all the right people at the right time. Full key, president of Guangdong Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, told reporters that the shuffle period has started in last September, and the duo Li incident is a signal. But this is also normal. An industry with high explosive growth will definitely fall back to a normal level and return to rationality after rapid development. The LED industry is bound to face a reshuffle. The question is, how long is the shuffle period, what kind of pattern will be washed out, and how many homes are left to be reasonable? The LED industry has been sorting out. Shuffling will mainly occur in the middle and upper reaches, and most of the downstream will naturally withdraw, because the investment is very small and the exit loss is small. Zhang Xiaofei, the president of high-tech LED Industry Research Institute, further explained to the reporter of Time Weekly that the final conclusion of the upstream was in the first half of 2014, that is to say, it would be completed within two years. It takes five years to clean the downstream, because I think I know too much, too much in and out, and the order is chaotic. In the view of Ding Feng, deputy general manager of Hongli Optoelectronics, the current big problem in the industry is chaos and disorder, lack of standards. Everyone is LED, what is good, there is no rule. The process of industry reshuffle is definitely a natural law. For enterprises with high cost performance, the living space will be very large, so we look forward to reshuffle and the establishment of industry standards. Industry standards need to be improved in February this year, Guangdong provincial quality supervision bureau and Provincial Science and Technology Department jointly issued the Asian LED lighting industry standard system planning and roadmap. According to the plan, guangdong will establish more than 130 LED local standards within 5 years. This has been welcomed by some enterprises, which are large and powerful enterprises. Zhang Xiaofei said that what is important and urgent in LED standards is the market access standards and systems for lighting products, such as how many hours of life must a light source reach, only when the luminous efficiency is above a certain color temperature can it enter the market. Other standards should set corresponding low parameter requirements based on this standard. Ding Feng said that in the case of chaotic industry order, enterprises are mixed, and they are full of numbers. Large enterprises can do small workshops, but they can't reflect the true value of LED, and they can't achieve energy saving and Long-term. The industry needs a criterion for judging the cost performance of products and the advantages and disadvantages of enterprises, and expects relevant standards to be issued as soon as possible.
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