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LED lamp market is affected by the downturn in the car market

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-16
The downturn in the overall auto market this year has made the newly emerging LED lamp market seem to be in a downturn. 2009- In 2010, there was a blowout in the automobile market, consuming more potential purchasing power. Some automakers have adjusted their plans this year. Changzhou Xingyu lamp Co. , Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Xingyu shares) Dong mi Huang and FA told Gao Gong LED that according to previous market forecasts, the annual growth rate of car sales in 2012 will drop to 5- About 10 will definitely have a certain impact on the lamp parts enterprises. Guangzhou Fuda signal Equipment Co. , Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou FODA) A senior executive recently reluctantly revealed to reporters that with the continued downturn in the economic situation and the sluggish auto market, LED lights have encountered difficulties. Sales of LED lights have fallen a lot this year compared to last year. According to a reporter's survey, only some Chinese models currently use LED lighting. The cost of LED lights is 2- Three times, some low-end people-friendly models, such as Chery QQ, whose profit is only 100 yuan, it is unrealistic for them to use higher-priced LED lights. A person in charge of a domestic auto manufacturer told reporters. The automobile market is in a downturn. Since 2008, the state has successively introduced a series of policies to stimulate automobile consumption, which have rapidly stimulated the release of automobile demand. In 2009 and 2010, the growth rate of China's automobile sales reached 46 and 32 respectively. However, excessive early consumption consumes a lot of potential purchasing power. Since 2011, the domestic auto market has once again fallen into a downturn. Affected by the inertia of the market downturn last year, the production and sales of the national auto market have continued to be weak this year. According to new statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Domestic 1- The production and sales of passenger cars in May were 634 respectively. 70 thousand and 633. 33 million vehicles, with output up year on year. 05, sales increased by 5. 48, the inventory pressure of automakers has further increased. According to relevant market forecasts, the growth rate of car sales in 2012 will drop to 5- Around 10, the growth of the auto parts market such as headlights changes with the changes in the auto sales market. The downturn in the auto market also means that the downturn in the lamp market will continue for a period of time. Huang HEFA said that he expects the growth rate of the domestic light market this year to be around 5, including traditional lights and LED lights. On June 13, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the announcement of 'The scope and subsidy standard of old cars scrapped and updated subsidized vehicles in 2012. This move has also been interpreted by all parties as the forerunner of the new round of car stimulus policy before the introduction of the old-for-new subsidy. Although the favorable policy can play a role in the auto market, relevant experts believe that this does not mean that the auto market will have a surge two years ago, because the market base has become larger. Once again, the relevant policies will be introduced, and the effect of stimulating the market will certainly appear, but it will not rise sharply. In the short term, LED lights still cannot replace traditional lights to become the mainstream. Huang HEFA said that there will be no large-scale outbreak in the lamp market, and the growth of LED lamps is expected to replace traditional lamps. However, from the perspective of the domestic market, the penetration rate of LED lamps is not ideal. Taking Xingyu optoelectronics as an example, the revenue of lights in 2011 was 9. 5%. 8. 4 billion yuan, of which the income of LED lamps is less than 10. The penetration rate of LED lamps is relatively low. According to relevant data, in 2011, the revenue of LED external lighting for automobiles was 5. 5%. US $0. 2 billion, car LED interior lighting revenue 6. 0. 6 billion US dollars, the market size of the lamp reached 14. 9 billion US dollars, and the penetration rate of LED lamps was only 7. 9. For automobile manufacturers, the use of LED lighting is only a selling point, because LED is energy-saving, environment-friendly and long-life. The person in charge of the above-mentioned car manufacturers told reporters that if the car is equipped with LED lighting, it is equivalent to the label attached. The cost of LED lights is 2- Three times, if the other costs of the car are similar, that is, the cost of the lights, consumers are certainly not happy. Therefore, LED lights are currently only used in some medium models. Huang HEFA said. According to the high-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII) Statistics show that the application of LED in vehicle instrument panel, backlight lighting switch, vehicle reading lamp or head-up display system is relatively mature, and the backlight of instrument panel has 100 LED. LED has also been used outside the car, such as small lights such as car combination taillights and brake lights. But in the headlights that represent Technology, LED is still just starting. Headlights are a big potential market for LED automobile lighting in the future. The price of an LED headlights is 5000- Ranging from 15000 yuan, high profits can reach 200. Therefore, it is very easy to achieve 1 billion in the LED headlight market. The above-mentioned Guangzhou Foda executives said. However, he also said that because of the high-power heat dissipation technology, large-scale application of headlights will take a long time. As the application of LED headlight in the field of car lights, its subdivision industry is still in its infancy in the world. At present, only the top models of Audi A8L, Buick LaCrosse and other brands are equipped with LED headlights. GLII's newly released Automotive LED report shows that the current penetration rate of LED headlights is less than 1. Different from the mixed LED lighting market, the LED lamp market has perfect standards and restrictions on access threshold. Compared with other market segments, the LED lamp market is more standardized. However, the essence of businessmen is profit-seeking. The average net profit rate of LED lamps can reach. In the past two years, the number of enterprises pouring into the LED lamp market has increased and the competition will become more and more fierce. The person in charge of a car lamp company in Shenzhen revealed to reporters.
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