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LED: it is difficult to stop the investment heat in the industrial winter

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-04
It is hard for the industry to resist the investment boom in winter. LED is a semiconductor that can convert electric energy into light energy. As a new generation of light source that has attracted much attention at present, it is listed as one of the seven strategic emerging industries in the country, the huge business opportunities it contains attract various capitals to flock. According to public data, there are currently more than 8000 LED manufacturers in China, and the number continues to increase at the rate of hundreds or even thousands of LED manufacturers every year. Reporters learned that in the past six months, a total of 8 LED lighting companies have been successfully listed in China, of which 6 have landed on the Growth Enterprise Market. The speed of listing is amazing. Last year, there were only 7 LED listed companies. On the other hand, in the past year, domestic small and medium-sized LED enterprises have closed down frequently. In Shenzhen, more than 80 LED lighting enterprises closed down. In Foshan, Guangdong, nearly of LED lighting enterprises closed down in 2011. LED lighting enterprises in Dongguan and Zhongshan were also caught in the cold wave of closing down. According to new news, Shenzhen billion-yuan LED enterprise vision Optoelectronics is currently in a collapse vortex. At the same time, foreign investment is in the Chinese market. A few days ago, Taiwan Dongbei Optoelectronic Group invested 25 million US dollars in the production of LED optoelectronic devices, officially started construction in Beijing Digital TV industrial park, and will supply LED lighting in North China in the future. In addition, Osram signed a contract with Wuxi in May this year to build a new LED assembly plant in the local area, which is expected to be completed and put into production by the end of 2013 and mainly deals with the packaging of LED chips. Following the official operation of Chengdu innovation center, GE Lighting Xi 'an innovation center was also established. At present, there is no unified standard for LED industry in our country. Due to the lack of unified standards and norms, there are many kinds of LED lighting application products in the market, with different performances and poor interchangeability, the frequent emergence of inferior products has brought severe challenges to the reputation of the entire industry. International Semiconductor Lighting Alliance (ISA) Secretary-General Yue Ruisheng told reporters that the international lighting Committee, the international electronic and electrical Committee, the European optical engine Committee, the US Energy Star, ISA and other institutions are all formulating LED lighting standards, fight for the right to speak in the industry. In our country, although all localities are already formulating and testing their own local standards, the standards are chaotic, and the enterprises are qualified according to the standards and become unqualified there. On the other hand, the product quality problems caused by the lack of uniform standards are also worrying. The sampling results show that among the 23 batches of Self-ballasted LED, 17 batches were unqualified, up to 73. 9. An enterprise in the industry said that inferior LED products disturbed the market price and greatly reduced consumers' trust in LED products, leading to a vicious circle. It is reported that the sluggish export market in 2011 has hit the LED industry hard again. Almost all LED products in overseas markets, such as Christmas tree lighting appliances, are exported from China. In the European economic crisis, due to the weak economic recovery in the United States and other factors, orders from enterprises have been greatly reduced since the second half of. A drop of 2011 to in orders from Europe and the United States is quite common in the industry. Domestic enterprises lack soft power. Reporters learned that although China is a big producer of lighting, China is not a big brand Country. A large number of lighting products in China are OEM for others. According to data, China currently has more than 8000 LED manufacturers and more than 5000 are located in the middle and lower reaches of the industry, of which 1200 are packaging enterprises ~ There are 1500 enterprises with annual sales of more than 0. 1 billion yuan, less than 10 million enterprises with sales of between 0. 1 billion yuan and 400 yuan, and most enterprises have sales of less than 10 million yuan. It can be seen that although the number of LED enterprises in China is large, the scale is generally small. It is worth noting that with the vigorous development of the domestic LED market, more and more foreign enterprises have turned their eyes to China. Especially in recent years, the number of patent applications in the LED field accepted by China has increased significantly year by year. In addition, judging from the distribution of the industrial chain, foreign companies mainly have more patent layouts in the fields of chips and packaging, and half of LED core inventions have filed patent applications in China. Compared with foreign companies, China's LED patent application is obviously at a disadvantage. According to a survey by the Institute of High-tech LED industry, by the end of 2008, China had applied for a total of 2. 5% of LED-related patents. 60. 71 million pieces, of which nearly Are patents in packaging and application in the middle and lower reaches of the industry. From the perspective of profit structure, the profits of middle and lower reaches enterprises only account for about of the whole industrial chain. Chip and package manufacturing enterprises in the upstream account for about of the profits in the industrial chain. Lu Weiqiang, chairman of Guangzhou shuaiyang Lighting Technology Co. , Ltd. , said in an interview with the media that not all LED industries do not make money. In the LED industry chain, expensive upstream epitaxial wafers and chips are manufactured, it is a link with high profits. The depression of the domestic LED industry is ultimately due to the lack of core in the industry. In the same industry, foreign companies mainly have more patents in the upstream and midstream chip and packaging fields, while in the entire domestic LED industry chain, A large number of LED enterprises are middle and downstream enterprises lacking core technologies. Wang Lianghai, vice president of Tsinghua Tongfang, also believes that because the core technology is still in the hands of developed countries, talents and technology are still the short board for the development of the domestic upstream LED industry, while the downstream LED products, it is also because of the high price and vicious competition in the market, which seriously hinders the application and promotion of products. It can be seen that how to change the lack of core in the industry, get rid of low-level repeated construction and own core technology in the industry are the crux of China's LED industry. Industry experts told reporters that domestic enterprises should refer to foreign advanced enterprises to research and develop a number of high value-added products through sound investment in technological innovation, research and development, transformation and application mechanisms, we will establish a technological innovation system that takes enterprises as the main body, takes the market as the guidance, and combines production, teaching and research to improve the soft power of the industry.
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