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LED inventory removal effect is remarkable

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-03
March 2014 due to work days recovery with the Datong Road of inventory regulation also has a fall Taiwan listed otc led manufacturers revenue common present rise situation March revenue total growth 24. 1 to 117. NT $3. 3 billion. Among them, Taiwan's LED chip manufacturers have a revenue of NT $45. 0. 7 billion yuan, monthly growth of 20. 9; Taiwan's LED packaging manufacturers also reached NT $71. 0. 6 billion yuan, monthly growth reached 26. 2. LEDinside, the green energy business division of TrendForce, a market research institution, pointed out that the combined revenue of LED seasonal factories generally showed a growth trend, with only Guanglei and Huaxing showing a small decline. the average order visibility in the second quarter has exceeded 1. In the past five months, the production line rate has also been opened one after another. Coupled with the two major driving forces for TV and mobile phone backlight applications, and the increase in the penetration rate of LED lighting products, the phenomenon of LED oversupply has gradually eased. Compared with the traditional off-season in the previous quarter, the LED revenue in the 2014 quarter can be said to be not weak in the off-season, while the second quarter will enter the traditional peak season of LED, and LED manufacturers are optimistic. Guo Zhihao said that the demand for LED lighting will enter a period of rapid growth under the impetus of falling product prices and favorable government policies. At present, the demand for replacement of LED lamps in emerging markets and the Chinese market is strong. however, in the Chinese market, under the low-cost competition of local LED manufacturers, the advantages of Taiwanese LED manufacturers are no longer, and they have turned to develop emerging markets such as Indonesia. As for the LED backlight part, as smart phones and tablet computers gradually enter the mature period of products, LED specifications have not changed much, and the growth rate of shipments has gradually slowed down. However, the TV backlight was hit by the expiration of China's subsidy policy and the penetration rate was close to 100. The channel went through two seasons to remove the inventory, and it was not until January this year that the stock was restarted, which also LED to the seasonal LED backlight revenue.
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