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LED inventory has been removed from Lunda and Dongbei

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-29
With the gradual elimination of inventory, LED lighting and backlight revenue began to warm up in March, and Lunda electronic announcement consolidated revenue in March was 11. 5%. 0. 8 billion (New Taiwan dollar, the same below, equivalent to about 2. RMB 3. 5 billion), Compared with February growth of 11. 8, up 1st from the same period last year, with a cumulative combined revenue of 3. 5 billion in the third quarter (Equivalent to RMB 6. RMB 9. 8 billion), Up 5. 4th from the second quarter of last year. 2. The annual growth rate is 8. 6. Lunda is optimistic about the market demand for backlight and lighting applications this year. As for Dongbei's announcement, the combined revenue in March was 8. 6. 7 billion (Equivalent to RMB about 1. RMB 7. 3 billion) Compared with last month's revenue growth of 39, while growing by 15 compared with the same period last year. Dongbei said that the growth of revenue in March mainly reflected that lighting products continued to increase significantly due to the number of orders received, and were not affected by overseas litigation. Dongbei is not affected by the lawsuit. Dongbei pointed out that since the beginning of the spring, all production capacity has not met the customer's order demand. The overall revenue growth momentum has been strong since March. In addition, the shipment of high-end smart phone backlight products, it has also increased its temperature since March, thus driving the overall revenue to nearly from February. Dongbei said that the combined revenue in the second quarter reached 23. 1st. 0. 4 billion (Equivalent to RMB 4. RMB 6. 7 billion) Compared with the same period last year, the growth rate was 22, mainly due to the continuous growth of lighting order shipment revenue, indicating that Dongbei is in LED ( LightEmittingDiode, light emitting diode) The lighting market and product layout strategy are appropriate, despite being trapped in the us led manufacturer Kerui (Cree) The commercial interference of the lawsuit, but the market demand is hot, the lighting products are rising, and the performance continues to rise, not affected by the lawsuit. Visibility of lighting orders Gao Dongbei said that at present, the demand for lighting products continues to be strong, driving the performance to continue to rise, and the shipping revenue has entered a positive growth cycle. It is estimated that the overall LED industry revenue performance, from March the beginning were 2-figure of growth lighting order visibility nearly 3 a month more than expected 1st season lighting revenue proportion beyond TV backlight, it is estimated that the proportion of lighting revenue in the second quarter will exceed 2nd. Lunda's revenue in March was 11. 0. 8 billion (Equivalent to about 2. RMB 3. 5 billion) Lunda pointed out that in the backlight application part, large-size ultra-thin straight-down TV (OD15) As well as the continuous shipment of wide color gamut products to drive revenue, Lunda has also covered the crystal (FlipChip)And grain-level packaging (WhiteChip) The technology has been successfully applied to applications such as direct TV backlight and mobile phone flash, and will be shipped to the international market. Lunda rushed to attack mobile phone flashing lights. In terms of lighting applications, as the market moved from commercial market to home this year, Lunda said that in addition to the current commercial products such as lamps and flat-panel lamps, this year, the number of bulb products will be greatly increased, including bulb lamps, projection lamps, candle lamps and other products, and the LED home lighting market will be attacked. As for the photoelectric combination of DOB (DriveronBoard) Light engine products are high pressure (HV) Grain and packaging, aiming at traditional lamp manufacturers, provide plug-and-play LED photoelectric solutions, which are expected to grow more than multiple this year.
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