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LED Integration and mergers in 2014, continuous enterprises achieve new development

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-04
Zhou Ming Wu Meng: highlights emerged in the industry integration M & A market in 2013. Generally speaking, the LED display industry in 2013 has two prominent features. On the one hand, it is the upsurge of integration M & A, on the other hand, the market has emerged high-density small-pitch LED display, outdoor display and other emerging highlights. In the future, with the further improvement of technology and the continuous decline of cost, we believe that LED Super TV will enter the civil market and bring about new changes. In addition, the external display screen is also a market segment that cannot be ignored. Outdoor SMD products have the characteristics of wide viewing angle, good light distribution and good mixing, which will have better visual effects than outdoor DIP products. Speculation or investment joint construction investment LED media industry how effective the reporter noticed that as of September 2013, although the advertising point of the joint cultural operation has reached more than 80, but the data of the third quarter report of Lianjian optoelectronics in 2013 show that, its 2013 1-Advertising revenue was only 270 in September. 180 thousand yuan, net profit loss 1554. RMB 280 thousand. Obviously, as of now, the LED outdoor advertising broadcast business of Lianjian Optoelectronics has not yet formed a sales scale, and the new business market development is far from expected. This time, the acquisition of Time-Sharing Media, Lianjian Optoelectronics or it is hoped that it can go further in the expansion of outdoor media resources, and at the same time make up for the lack of operational experience of the linkage culture outdoor advertising business, and improve the transformation ability of actual sales. For Lianjian Optoelectronics, in less than two years, it has made frequent moves in the layout of outdoor LED advertising media business, and this time 8. 0. 6 billion yuan bet on the time-sharing media, whether it is thunder and rain, or chess, can break the profit cage, still remains to be seen in the market. Integrate drive chips and controllers, accumulate strategic alliance with Nova, accumulate technology, a prospective controller manufacturer in the joint industry Nova technology, break the barriers between chips and controllers, and establish a strategic partnership, it is expected that through this close cooperation, more substantial value will be created for customers, and for market applications, such as the use of small dot-pitch displays or advertising screens, the introduction of driver chips will be accelerated to help customers grasp market opportunities faster. The establishment of this strategic partnership will help accumulate technology and Nova technology to further realize resource sharing, provide more valuable services for both customers and promote product and service innovation by giving full play to their professional advantages, bring better solutions to customers. Evergrande, the big one: Crystal power monopolized Taiwan wafer factory in 2013. The LED industry, the big one, took shape. In 2013, crystal power still ranked as the big wafer factory in Taiwan, moreover, the output value of a single company of Jingdian accounted for more than half of the top ten companies in Taiwan, reaching 53, and Yiguang also accounted for 29. The second-tier plants must seek a way to survive. It is worth noting that the revenue of LED packaging and module factories has increased against the trend, with the revenue of Taiwan's top ten factories rising from 758. 6. 8 billion yuan (New Taiwan dollar, the same below)Up to 850. 8. 6 billion yuan, an annual increase of. Compared with the trend of LED wafer factory's annual decline of 2 yuan, the LED industry value chain seems to be inclined to the package and module factories that are going down. According to the statistics of the photoelectric science and technology association, the total revenue of Taiwan's top ten wafer factories and packaging factories reached 127 billion yuan last year, up 6 from 118. 8 billion yuan in 2012. 9. Ruifeng Optoelectronics plus code LED lighting performance in 2013 increased by 20- 34 Ruifeng Optoelectronics disclosed its performance forecast on the evening of the 14th. The company expects the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2013 to be 56 million yuan, 63 million yuan, up 20-34. The company's net profit in 2012 was 4686. RMB 480 thousand. According to the announcement, on the basis of stabilizing the led LCD TV market in 2013, the company has stepped up its efforts to develop the LED lighting field and achieved corresponding growth in sales and profits. In 2013, the company received a total of 2723 financial subsidies. 380 thousand yuan, affecting the current profit and loss of financial subsidies totaled 14 million yuan. Dehao Runda plans to invest 1 billion yuan to set up LED joint venture company. Dehao Runda announced on the evening of January 14 that it plans to set up a joint venture company with LED as its main business in Bengbu city, Anhui Province. The registered capital of the joint venture company is 1. 4 billion yuan, among them, Dehao Runda plans to invest RMB 1 billion in cash, physical and intangible assets, holding 71. 43; Bengbu City Investment Holding Co. , Ltd. invested 0. 4 billion yuan in cash, holding 28. 57. The joint venture company is called Bengbu Sanyi Semiconductor Co. , Ltd. , whose main business scope is LED chip research and development, production, sales and technical consulting services; Develop, produce and sell LED devices, LED lighting, LED decorative lights, LED display screens, etc. On the occasion of the arrival of 2014, Blue technology took the lead in joining the Enterprise Expert Committee of LED display industry organized by China security network, mr. Dai Zhiming, director of Lanpu technology products, was hired as an expert consultant on security technology of China Security Network Expert Committee. Pay attention to the development of strong enterprises in the LED industry. CCTV visited Yi Shida in 2013. The LED industry is still in the economic cold current. The collapse trend has not stopped. The wind is jittery and uneasy. However, there are also a small number of LED enterprises, relying on their own strength, through integration, innovation, and change, actually go against the current, breaking the industry's decline, and even causing CCTV's high attention. In 2014, we expect the sales volume of our easy-to-reach small-pitch products to reach 3000- 50 million, Yi Shida marketing director thunderstorm said firmly in an interview. Since its successful research and development and introduction to the market, Lingyun series, a small-pitch product of yishida, has been frequently favored by customers, especially high-tech enterprises, who are amazed at Lingyun's excellent performance, it is no wonder that easy is full of confidence.
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