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LED industry will usher in reversal opportunity in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-31
The economic downturn once plunged LED manufacturers into a cold winter, but since the slow economic recovery in Europe, North America and other countries in 2013, LED manufacturers have also welcomed a warm current in the industry. The industry generally believes that 2014 will usher in a new opportunity for the industry to reverse and accelerate its growth. Countries have successively promulgated bans on the use of incandescent bulbs, making 2013 the first year of LED lighting. Influenced by the recovery of the TV market and the favorable lighting industry policies, the 2014 season, which was supposed to be the off-season, ushered in the order production scale that was only available in the peak season under the condition of backlighting and lighting at the same time, the industry spring that LED manufacturers are looking forward to seems to be coming. Its cargo volume increased significantly, with a monthly growth of 11 and revenue exceeding NT $1. 2 billion, returning to the peak season level. At the same time, Wu Qinghui, chairman of Dongbei Optoelectronics, also said on February 6 that although monthly revenue has not yet been released, there is no problem in maintaining double-digit growth.
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