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LED industry will be the highlight of this year's disk

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-29
The price of LED backlight has stabilized, creating business opportunities through the introduction of new products and new technologies; LED lighting has entered a new round of golden period. The optimistic view of the LED industry by legal persons will be the highlight of this year's disk. Light emitting diode (LED) At present, the two major application fields are backlight and lighting. Originally, the market was more worried about the backlight market. Although the demand for backlight still maintained a downward trend this year, it is expected that new technologies and new products will be introduced, get rid of the fate of profit slip, and manufacturers who can master new technologies and markets can at least stabilize the basic market. Photoelectric Association (PIDA) Senior industry analysts said that it is estimated that the number of backlight shipments this year will decrease compared with last year, and the number of backlights will continue to decline; However, after the competition in the industry, many manufacturers have withdrawn from the market one after another. At present, those who can stand firm in the backlight market will benefit from the trend of Evergrande, the largest market, and the economic benefits of scale, it is expected that the decline in the average unit price of products will be stabilized this year, which is conducive to the profit-making of manufacturers this year. It is expected that the backlight-related factories will get rid of the profit-sliding fate this year. Manufacturers with economic scale, such as Jingdian, Yuanyuan and Lunda, will become beneficiaries and will grab market opportunities this year. As for the expected LED lighting market, LEDinside, a green energy business division under market research organization TrendForce, said that the LED outdoor lighting market has matured and the shipments and market size of LED outdoor lighting will grow rapidly. In addition to the large-scale elimination of incandescent lamps in various countries to promote the application of LED in indoor lighting, the cost performance of LED lighting has been accepted by the market to stimulate actual demand without the government's promotion. Last year reached the critical point, this year is more obvious, the market will develop rapidly. 2014 is regarded as the year of LED industry transformation. LED supply and demand have the opportunity to cross gold between the end of 2014 and 2015. In chemical vapor deposition equipment (MOCVD) Veeco, with a market share of up to, predicts that the price of LED bulbs will drop to US $6 in 2015, which is the sweet spot for triggering residential lighting prices. Under the take-off of the lighting market, it is expected to digest thousands of MOCVD capacity. The legal person said that in the past two years, the price of LED lighting has dropped by 60 to 80, and this year the price will continue to fall, but the decline will shrink; At present market low-order led lights than energy-saving lamps cheaper. The continuous growth of lighting demand has driven the LED industry into a growth track. The legal person pointed out that with the further restriction on the use of incandescent lamps and the decline in the price of LED lighting products, LED lighting has ushered in a rapid development opportunity. Based on the data of major manufacturers and research institutions, it is estimated that the LED lighting shipment scale will increase by more than 100, and this year the LED lighting industry will enter a new round of golden period.
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