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LED industry welcomes new normal combination of technology and art

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-22
The new normal, micro-stimulus and reform of China's economy have become hot topics at present. Li Yining, honorary dean of Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, said recently: simply showing a high growth rate will bring losses such as environmental destruction and resource consumption. In contrast, the adjustment of economic structure is more important. This is also applicable to the current LED lighting industry. 2014 is not an ordinary year. Under the background that reform and innovation have entered a new normal, LED lighting in the new era has also ushered in new development opportunities. LED lighting has experienced the development stage of superluminal, and the trend of replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting has been set off to varying degrees all over the country. At the same time, many people in the lighting industry also raised questions: after replacement, where is the market for LED lighting? Cross-border innovation of technology and art is gradually becoming an important trend of the new normal of LED lighting development. This is evident in this year's Guangzhou OFweek semiconductor lighting network international lighting exhibition, which held various forums and exhibitions with lighting art as the theme at the same time, lighting enterprises with brands decorate their booths through various cultural and artistic methods. While displaying the technology and energy efficiency of products, they pay more attention to the display of lighting connotation and brand culture than before. Located at 5. 1 The Geosheen of the brand Pavilion uses the classic combination of red and black as the main color of the exhibition. What is the future space inside? The Theme Pavilion of light sharing shows the secret of light and shadow through the contrast of light and shade. In different types of commercial space scene display such as clothing, leisure area and business super, light becomes a supporting role, the characteristics of the product and the texture of the space are the focus of the display. The design concept of lessismore injects more cultural connotation and artistic atmosphere into the light environment. Technology is the engine of the development of art and culture. The driving force of cultural development comes from many aspects, of which the important thing is the reform and innovation of the cultural system itself, and the other driving force is the progress of science and technology. In order to enhance the core competitiveness of science, technology and cultural industries, six ministries and commissions jointly issued the Outline of the national cultural science and technology innovation project. the sixth plenary session of the 17th CPC Central Committee also explicitly proposed to give full play to the mutual promotion of culture and science and technology, to further implement the science and technology-driven strategy, and to enhance the ability of independent innovation. In response, many LED lighting enterprises have seized on this development opportunity and continuously improved the artistic and cultural values of lighting products through innovation in lighting technology. Through the self-developed solution of LED lighting overall system, polar Optoelectronics fully meets the lighting demand in the market application field, providing a complete supply chain oriented by LED light sources and covering the LED commercial lighting field, from LED lighting design, LED product modeling, application to engineering implementation, planning and design, 360 lighting application overall solution. Among them, the excellent color rendering, color stability, energy saving and environmental protection and other characteristics are derived from the extremely original LED technology. With the development of economy and culture, the integration of culture and science and technology is prominent, and science and technology has become the core support for the development of cultural industry. To break professional barriers and realize cross-border innovation, from the perspective of art, it is to implant science and technology to reshape the cultural consumption format, while from the perspective of lighting, it is to inject culture to adjust the industrial development structure. Lin Chen Chun, managing director of extreme LED lighting, said: commercial lighting itself is a fertile ground for cross-border innovation of technology and art culture. On the one hand, it can continuously expand the application scope of LED and tap the potential of LED lighting, on the other hand, LED also provides unlimited possibilities for commercial lighting with diversified demand and high technical content.
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