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LED industry welcomes golden age Taiwan's 'Four Giants' optimistic

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-22
LED manufacturers are optimistic that the industry will enter gold for 3 years, but in the short term, the first thing to face is the test of the financial report effect. LED stocks will return to bland today after the effect incentive surge on the 20th, there is a correction of the rise and return. At the Taiwan International Lighting Technology Exhibition, Delta Power chairman Hai Yingjun, South Asia Optoelectronics chairman Wang Wenchao, Yiguang chairman Ye Yifu, and Jingdian chairman Li Bingjie were four Giants, at the same time, I look optimistically at the fact that the LED industry is about to return to glory, and shout out that LED lighting will enter a golden three-year period of rapid growth in the miserable penetration rate. Everyone is full of expectation for this year's profit performance, I think the profit will be much better than last year. The optimistic talks of the big bosses on the industry encouraged LED stocks to become a new force on the 20th and a strong group against the trend. However, the endurance seems to be weak. Today, they return to the real financial report Test, including Jingdian, Yiguang, New Century, Dongbei, Baihong, leidike, etc. all saw the correction force of back gear, with a decline of 1-2 is not equal. Hai Yingjun pointed out that Delta's LED lighting will definitely make money this year, and the LED industry has had a good time of more than 3 years. Wang Wenchao said that Formosa Plastics Group will fully support the development of LED. This year's profit will be better than last year, and it will definitely make money. However, due to fierce market competition, there are still many places to work hard. Light the director leaf Moon said from TV backlight, LED lighting needs of the product line than last year growth this year boom will significant excellent the last year 2nd season effect start. He pointed out that this year 1st season low season don't light 2nd season into industry season should be can look forward to overall this year should be will than last year good. Li Bingjie said that this year is a year of rapid increase in LED lighting penetration rate, and the industry will enter the Golden three years. Jingdian's profit this year will also be much better than last year. Last year, LED was used in the Golden intersection of lighting and backlight. This year, LED lighting will surpass backlight. However, Li Bingjie stressed that the relative competition will also increase and the industrial operation will be more severe. Li Bingjie pointed out that because demand is rising, but it will also be a killing battlefield, factories must be ready for transformation. After 2017, there will be killer products in lighting and the industry will enter a new battlefield. LED lighting has huge business opportunities, but there are also many manufacturers competing to invest. In the past two years, the speed of demand growth cannot beat the speed of price decline, which makes it difficult for major LED lighting manufacturers to get rid of losses, last year's earnings figures generally failed to perform too well.
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