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LED industry trend analysis

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-22
With the arrival of the traditional peak season of LED, the backlight market has returned to stable growth, the lighting penetration rate has increased quarter by quarter, the shipment of LED lighting enterprises has grown at a high speed, the scale effect will be gradually reflected, and high-quality LED lighting enterprises have entered a stable profit stage, change the past situation of increasing income and not increasing profits. With the price of LED lighting products falling, traditional lighting brands have fully developed the LED market with channel advantages, and enterprises with lack of core competitiveness have begun to have obvious profit pressure, and the speed of market concentration is also continuously improving. Wang Wenxiang, manager of Dacheng Jingfu closed fund, believes that he is optimistic about the LED lighting industry and suggests actively laying out the LED industry. First of all, with the improvement of cost performance, the trend of LED lighting replacing energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps is very clear. The current penetration rate is 15, and it is expected to enter a stage of rapid growth; Secondly, the LED lighting industry has a very large space, which is expected to be 300 billion yuan. Wang Wenxiang believes that from the perspective of investment, upstream chips and downstream channels have higher barriers and have higher investment value; Due to low barriers to entry and fierce price competition, the expansion of packaging in the middle reaches to the fields of engineering and lighting through mergers and acquisitions in the future is a highlight. In the second half of the year, the industry will enter a high prosperity. Chip links and downstream brand manufacturers with scale and channel advantages will show high growth. Zhang xiaoren, manager of Baoying Hongli Income Fund, analyzed that the LED industry boom began in the fourth quarter of 2013. On the one hand, TV/NB shipments stabilized and LED backlight demand bottomed out; On the other hand, LED lighting demand began to increase in volume in the fourth quarter of 2013. The superposition of the two factors gave birth to the inflection point of LED demand. Zhang xiaoren believes that LED lighting will really bring strong demand and huge space to the LED industry in the future. The output value of lighting in mainland China was 450 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach nearly 700 billion in 2015. The penetration rate of LED lighting is less than at the end of 2013. Up to now, the penetration rate of LED lighting is estimated to be only about, there is huge space in the future. Under the background of the rapid development of LED lighting industry, Baoying fund Zhang xiaoren believes that enterprises with both channels and manufacturing capabilities will be the final strong. In terms of channels, channels are the foundation of the lighting industry. No matter traditional lighting or LED lighting, only by owning channels can we have the power of scale and pricing, thus having the possibility of expansion. At present, in China's hardware circulation, home monopoly, commercial lighting and other market segments, there are few enterprises with national channel advantages, only a few enterprises such as Opal lighting, Rex lighting, Foshan Lighting, Feile Audio, sanxiong Aurora, etc. In terms of manufacturing capacity, at present, LED lighting has an obvious trend of integration of light sources and lamps, and because LED is a point light source, lighting design forms are diverse and a large number of new products are constantly updated, the product update cycle consists of 3-5 years to accelerate to 1-2 quarters. The characteristics of frequent product updates and cost reduction through large-scale procurement make the design and manufacturing capabilities of enterprises in the industry become the core competitiveness. In other words, LED lighting requires lighting manufacturers to have design and manufacturing capabilities, and the barriers are far higher than those in the traditional lighting era.
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