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LED industry to seize market share needs to speed up Channel upgrade

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-05
Since 2013, China's LED lighting industry has ushered in the fast lane of channel development, among which LED lighting enterprises such as mulinsen, Changfang lighting and Yiguang electronics have accelerated the layout of LED lighting channels. On the one hand, LED enterprises quickly speed up the channel layout; on the other hand, traditional lighting such as NVC Lighting and Opal lighting are rapidly transforming towards LED lighting. The entire lighting market is full of gunpowder to seize channels. Recently, Opal lighting issued a notice to clean up and purify its channel system, so that the industry will once again increase the vigilance of the channel construction. Industry experts pointed out that so far, LED lighting product technology is very mature and suitable for large-scale promotion and application. However, the market has not grown rapidly and the sales channel has become a key factor in enterprise development. However, in 2013, LED lighting dealers snatched the war is very fierce, whether to use the channel, is equal to get the key chip of market competition? Opportunity is equal to speed. Now is the era of rapid information development, technology is obviously very important. We can see that the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry are developing very fast, accounting for a very large proportion, and the growth rate is also very fast. As can be seen from the statistical report, such rapid growth brings us a huge opportunity. The market share of China's top ten lighting enterprises is less than 10, so there is still huge space in the market, but the market competition is very fierce. In such competition, it may be an opportunity or a challenge, and the technology is relatively scattered. In the application of semiconductors, there must be more products and more services. It is well known that the top three lighting products are lamps or light sources. It is a light source, because the lamps and light sources at that time can be separated. China's energy-saving lamps can be sold to the United States. Bulbs are different from lamps, so they can be made different. After the birth of ED lighting, it is actually a very big challenge. The technology threshold is not too high. The strong enterprises are no longer strong, the market has become very scattered, and the market cycle is very short. , LED lighting product cycle is very short, now is not in the year as a unit, the product cycle in the month as a unit, the speed is very fast. The product cycle is short, so the gross profit space is reduced. Semiconductor Lighting also brings a lot of pain to employees. The original product can be invested a lot after it comes out, but it can also enjoy the technical and profit benefits it brings to you. It is very difficult now. So speed is the advantage, how to improve the speed? Speed is not the speed of the company, and more sales and promotions. However, cruelty is equal to opportunity. Some people can't help but fall down, many companies will fall down, and the people who survive after they fall down will bring opportunities.
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