LED industry tends to mature, large enterprises compete to expand production

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-28
Since the beginning of this year, the LED industry has been warm and cold. On the one hand, it is the high prosperity of the industry that brokers have been touting since the beginning of the year. On the other hand, it is the continuous exposure of the running door. The LED industry has gradually moved from a growing period to a mature period. Although the rapid growth of the industry continues, the pressure faced by enterprises will not be small at all. In this process, it is inevitable that big fish eat small fish, the phenomenon of fast fish eating slow fish, the number of enterprises will gradually decrease due to mergers, acquisitions, and exits. Wang Fei, a senior analyst at LEDinside, said. The high prosperity of the industry is not a blow. According to the statistics of LEDinside in the first three quarters of 2014, 15 of the 20 listed companies that mainly focus on LED-related businesses have achieved both income increase and profit increase. The expansion competition in the chip field is still staged. Mainland chip Big Brother Sanan Optoelectronics's production capacity has been rushing ahead. On April this year, it announced that it would invest 10 billion yuan to build a blue-green extension and chip production line with a total scale of 200 MOCVD (Based on 2 inch 54 pieces) In the first phase, 100 MOCVD devices were started. Huacan Optronics still expanded against the market regardless of cost when the chip was in a downturn two years ago. First, after listing, it set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Zhangjiagang with raised funds. The company's production capacity is twice that of Wuhan's parent company, the equivalent capacity has become three times the original. Even the low-key and cautious Qianzhao Optoelectronics announced in July this year that it would expand its total investment by 5 billion yuan and add 100 MOCVD equipment, among them, 50 new MOCVD equipments added in the first phase of the project will be put in place and produced by the end of September 2015. The expansion competition is not only in the chip field, but also in the packaging field. Hongli Optoelectronics currently has a packaging capacity of 1500KK per month, compared with 800KK at the beginning of this year. After Hongli's acquisition of smade Optoelectronics, the total capacity of dahongli will reach 2000KK/month, of which only EMC capacity will reach 600KK ( Hongli 200KK smade 400KK), In the second position in the country. Hongli will continue to inject capital into smade to continue to expand its EMC capacity. When it comes to big data these days, what mulinsen does not lack is big and scary big data. Lin Jiliang, general manager of mulinsen lighting, said that mulinsen's monthly production capacity of LED devices exceeded 20 billion in 2014 and continued to expand at a rate of more than 1 billion per month. It is estimated that the monthly production capacity will reach 30 billion in 2015. Under the release of such large production capacity, small companies can't fight for production capacity, and they can't fight for prices. Without capacity advantages, there is no price advantage. Industry insiders bluntly said that enterprises with small scale and similar product routes to Jason are basically forced to the edge of the cliff, either jumping off the cliff or turning around and turning to other product lines. Although the industry is maturing and the growth rate will decline, prices will tend to be stable and industry profits will gradually return to normal economic profits. Large enterprises hope to increase market share by continuing to expand and occupy a favorable position in this survival competition. Wang Fei said. Different from the big expansion route of big companies, the fate of small companies is more tragic. The reshuffle of the LED industry in 2014 is still accelerating, and there are naturally many people who have been washed away. This year, it was Li Hefeng technology (Shenzhen) Limited Company, Zhongshan Fengguang lighting, Jiangmen jinqiutian lighting, Zhongshan haosai lighting, Sichuan Yuanli Optoelectronics, etc. According to the statistics of LEDinside, from 2011 to 2014, the number of LED enterprises involved in the run-off events that were publicly reported in newspapers exceeded 18, which did not include those enterprises that closed quietly. A person in charge of a private enterprise who did not want to sign his name looked sad. The industry situation is changing too fast. It is not easy for small-scale companies to survive in the cracks. Those listed companies often invest hundreds of millions of capital, without a single eye, the future war will be more intense. Whoever can survive depends on the ability of each family. To borrow a word, the Americans invented things, the Japanese made it fine, the Koreans made it cheap, and the Chinese made it no money.
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