LED industry standards need to be improved to truly play a regulatory role

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-31
Earlier, the media reported that the Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce had conducted a random inspection of 50 products for LED bulb lamps. Recently, the reporter tracked the interview and found that some companies have already started to recall the problem products. However, there are also some enterprises shouting that the industrial and commercial departments only check the safety and performance, and it is difficult to regulate the market. Behind this, it highlights the embarrassing reality that LED industry standards are still missing. The reporter was informed that some of the manufacturers on the list have already recalled the products on the list. However, some lighting dealers in Guangzhou revealed that some brands in the LED industry on the list did not implement recall measures. Although LED enterprises have a cooperative attitude towards industrial and commercial sampling, many enterprises have reflected the limitations of industrial and commercial sampling. On the one hand, it is the limitation of the scope of sampling products. A dealer told reporters that there are only a few brands in the industry, and many lamps have not entered the scope of sampling. The reporter also found that 9 of the 15 unqualified products announced by Guangzhou Industrial and Commercial Co. , Ltd. are non-trademark products. On the other hand, some enterprises believe that the industrial and commercial sampling inspection did not conduct sampling inspection on the light efficiency, color rendering index, brightness and other core indicators of LED lamps, and only stayed on the sampling inspection of the appearance of signs and energy efficiency signs. Many enterprises have also called for the introduction of relevant standards as soon as possible and the strengthening of the testing of the core performance indicators of LED lamps in order to truly regulate the market.
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