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LED industry revenue decline appears or rise out of the off-season next year

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-23
The revenue of the LED population showed signs of fatigue in November. The revenue of Jingdian, Yiguang, Jingyuan and Dongbei all showed a decline in November. The decline in the monthly revenue of Jingyuan even reached 23. The LED industry announced that it was in the off season. Industry believes that the trend of affordable big TV is coming and the demand for LED is rising. It is expected that this trend of big TV will bring a little warmth to the LED market after the Lunar New Year next year. November revenue 3. RMB 3. 1 billion (New Taiwan dollar, the same below) , Down 23 from October, but revenue in November was 43. 4. 2 billion yuan, which has exceeded the level of last year. This year's operating conditions can be said to be from the bottom. Although November's revenue has come to a low level this year, it has the opportunity to take over BOE 8. 5 generation factory orders, the two factories will continue to expand production at the end of the year, the company is optimistic about the prospects for next year. Jingdian and Yiguang's November revenue also began to reflect the off-season effect. Jingdian's November revenue was 13. 6. 5 billion yuan, down 10 from last month, but compared with the same month last year, it is showing positive growth. Jingdian pointed out that the situation of pulling goods in December was 'doing well' compared with the past off-season. It is worth noting that the large TV effect being fermented is estimated to be more than the panel, the demand area of LED chips is more than 10; As this trend has just begun, the big TV effect may become more obvious next year. Dongbei consolidated revenue in November 7. 3. 6 billion yuan, a decline of 15 compared with the previous month, mainly because the overall TV performance began to slow down after the Thanksgiving promotion season in Europe and the United States, but many new machines were listed in the fourth quarter of tablet and laptop, european and American lighting shipments also increased by 20% over the previous month. The legal person estimates that Dongbei will benefit from the rejuvenation of LED backlight TV orders, and this year's revenue is expected to increase by more than 30% over last year. Dongbei said that the market demand for Japanese 10-generation TV panels has increased significantly recently, and it is estimated that this wave is 60- The promotion of 70-inch large TV has become a trend. Next year, large-size affordable TV will enter the family, and the demand for overall LED will increase. Orders will soon increase after the Lunar New Year. The LED industry has seen a decline in revenue recently, which has also made LED manufacturers start to look forward to the market next year. On the one hand, it can promote the development of the industry next year, and on the other hand, it is also a test for LED manufacturers.
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