LED industry prosperity will continue to climb in March

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13
Judging from the February revenue data disclosed by Taiwan's LED manufacturers, the LED industry is still in a state of low season. Among them, the revenue of Yuyuan in February increased by 18. 75, down 5. 26; Dongbei's revenue in February increased by 20. 21, an increase of 7. 40; Yiguang's revenue in February increased by 30. 63, down 10. 53; Lunda's revenue in February increased by 38. 1, down 14 from the previous month. 37. Analysts expect the prosperity to pick up further in March. Judging from the public information, relevant LED manufacturers are optimistic about the prosperity in March and the capacity utilization rate is further improved. In addition to the continuous climb of LED lighting, since the May 1st period is a small golden week for TV sales in mainland China, the storage of LED backlights will also be launched. China securities network has long been optimistic about three types of companies: Leading Manufacturers of chip links, professional backlight packaging manufacturers and lighting manufacturers with brand and channel advantages. Under the background of the recovery of prosperity, the LED industry also has cyclical investment opportunities brought about by the recovery of industry prosperity. China Securities Network expects San'an Optoelectronics 13-EPS for 15 years is 0. 74/0. 95/1. 18 yuan, based on ubs vcam discounted cash flow model, is assumed to be 8. In the case of 9, the target price is deduced. 2 yuan, corresponding to 13/14 years 44. 86/34. 8 times PE; Forecast sunshine lighting 14-In 15 years, EPS was 0. 66/0. 89 yuan, based on ubs vcam discounted cash flow model, is assumed to be 13. In the case of 6, the target price of 20 yuan is derived, corresponding to 14/15 times PE in 30/22.
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