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LED industry peak season continues to increase by 26 in Dongbei

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-07
Benefiting from the demand for lighting and backlight, LED industry shipments and revenue have been rising all the way this year. LED production capacity from epitaxial and packaging plants has been fully loaded, with heavy revenue growth. Lunda's revenue in July was 14. 5%. NT $0. 1 billion (RMB is about 2. RMB 8. 9 billion) , Another record high in a single month, as for Dongbei with the customer's new version of the bulb lamp began to ship, July revenue 8. NT $0. 1 billion (RMB is about 1. RMB 6. 4 billion) Compared with June, it grew by 27, compared with the same period last year. As the timing begins to enter the peak season of the electronics industry, the demand for lighting and backlight drives the demand for LED. Due to the opening of new production capacity, the legal person estimates that the revenue of LED-related manufacturers will also reach new highs in the next 3rd and 4 quarters. Estimate 8 ~ September lighting continued Wang Dongbei said that the growth of revenue in July was mainly due to the mass production and shipment of the new version of lighting bulb lamps from July, which led to the growth of revenue. P'tit Dej pointed out that in order to with customer of bulb products in 2nd season the revision P'tit Dej lighting/of postpartum demand increase so expansion response to at present has complete amplification lighting capacity, including complete equipment and materials, it is estimated that 8 ~ The part of lighting in September will continue to contribute to revenue. As for backlight products P'tit Dej pointed out that because medium and small size action communication products high play color gamut products in 3rd Season Orders was higher than expected of July revenue contribution a lot, expected 3rd season revenue will will Month by month growth. As the demand for LED bulbs and lighting in North America has grown exponentially this year, the sales of North American Energy Star are aimed at all-week light (Omnidirectional) Bulb products of more rigorous of standard new will be this year 3rd season implemented before the end of so main supply to North America pathway of bulb products has in July start mass production, the new product will also complete Energy Star certification and apply for price subsidies by the end of the 3rd quarter. This year, LED uses a high proportion of products to perform color gamut performance. Wu Qinghui, chairman of Dongbei, pointed out that the mainstream of backlight products this year not only emphasizes the increase in size, thinness and high-definition resolution, but also strengthens the ultra-high color gamut ( WideColorGamut, WCG) In the first half of this year, international manufacturers have introduced WCG high-color gamut applications into the brand's flagship models, including mobile communication products such as smart phones and tablet products, from the second half of the year, it is expected that more mobile phone brands and models will be introduced into the application, and there will be a high degree of attention to revenue. Lunda's revenue in July was 14. NT $0. 1 billion (RMB is about 2. RMB 8. 9 billion) , Once again hit a record high in a single month, up 4. From June. 4, compared with the same period last year, it grew by 7. 2; Lunda finance director Zhang Boyi pointed out that the growth momentum in July is mainly driven by the two major applications of backlight and lighting. At present, Lunda's average capacity utilization rate exceeds, and the expanding packaging capacity has been opened one after another since June, which is expected to continue to contribute revenue this quarter. He pointed out that the backlight application benefited from the continuous shipment of Korean TV backlight products and Chinese direct application models; Mobile phone flash LED also ships Chinese mobile phone brands. In lighting application part continuation 2nd season of glass lamp and flat lamp of strong demand shipments are in industry of Crown estimation future also can month by month up rising.
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