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LED industry or step photovoltaic footsteps investment excess enterprise to change the price

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-27
For the LED industry, winter has lasted for a year, but spring is still so far away. At the beginning of November, the News of the suspension of production came from Shenzhen, where LED enterprises gathered. 'National Business Daily' reporter learned that Shenzhen Haobo Optoelectronics Co. , Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Haobo Optoelectronics) This billion-dollar LED enterprise is mired in the problem of capital chain. After several years of revelry, the sequelae of LED industry has been showing up. Some people in the industry predict that the reshuffle period of the LED industry will probably continue until the 2014, and may even repeat the mistakes of the photovoltaic industry. Nearly 60% of the profits of LED enterprises have declined. Behind Haobo Optoelectronics, a large number of LED enterprises are experiencing the pain of loss or sharp decline in profits. 'National Business Daily' reporter rough statistics found that in 42 LED related listed companies, the third quarter profit decline or loss reached 24. October 25 dragon optical 2012 three of the quarterly bulletin released the company current revenue about 41. 38 million yuan with than decreased 76. 67; The net profit loss attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 32. 66 million yuan. On October 26, the three-quarter report of Dehao Runda's loss followed. The company's revenue in the third quarter was about 7. 5%. 2. 1 billion yuan, down 12. 23; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies-RMB 8. 88 million. In October 29, LED-related enterprises that lost money in the third quarter added another Tiantong stock (600330, stock bar): The company's current revenue 2. 8. 7 billion yuan, down 19 year on year; The net profit loss attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 30. 08 million yuan. In addition to these three loss-making enterprises, 21 LED enterprises have seen their net profits decline. Among them, Shilan Wei (600460, stock bar), China Microelectronics (600360, stock bar)Zhou Ming technology (300232, stock bar)Net profit of all three companies fell by more than 80. Regarding the current situation of the LED industry, Wang Luyao, a secondary market analyst at the high-tech LED Research Institute, commented that there was a surplus of upstream investment. He Huahua, a consultant researcher at CIC, believes that the direct cause is overcapacity. This phenomenon is mainly affected by two factors: On the one hand, the economy is weak and investment and production are slowing down, while the profits of domestic LED enterprises are mostly obtained through exports; On the other hand, the phenomenon of blind follow-up in the market is serious, with products piling up at the middle and low ends and long-term scuffle lowering prices. For many LED Enterprises, the direct way to produce excess capacity is to start a price war. Recently, a reporter from National Business Daily called ganzhao Optoelectronics (300102, stock bar) Dong Mi's office and staff said that many companies were expanding their production last year and many enterprises were selling their goods, so the price of chips dropped sharply. However, she stressed that although the price dropped, the company's sales volume still rose. According to the third-quarter report of ganzhao Optoelectronics, the total profit and net profit of the current period decreased year on year, mainly due to the large decrease in chip prices compared with the same period last year, and the decrease in chip Gross profit margin. Huacan optoelectronic board secret office also said that the company's sales volume has increased, but the price has dropped by a large margin. He Huahua believes that the current LED market has the characteristics of disorderly development, insufficient demand and concentrated products in the middle and low end, which are exactly the same as the photovoltaic industry. If LED enterprises do not see the market environment in time, very may be in and photovoltaic industry. Deadlock. Guo Xiuze, secretary general of Guangdong lighting appliance association, predicted that the LED industry will continue to be shuffled until the middle of 2014.
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