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LED industry or spring offensive

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-27
Judging from the institutional research in the first week of 2014, LED has become a key industry for new year research. Analysts believe that the LED industry in the first quarter may become an important layout direction of the Spring Offensive when there is no shortage of performance and theme concepts. A joint survey conducted by a Shanghai securities firm this week showed that it organized a total of 5 companies in the Pearl River Delta, four of which are LED industries, including leading LED companies such as Dehao Runda, Foshan Lighting and Lianjian Optoelectronics. After investors conducted in-depth excavation of TMT industry in 2013, the industry's valuation was generally high, and at the same time it also accumulated a large increase. Once the performance in 2014 is not up to expectations, the risk of falling back is high, so the focus of the New Year's layout is on companies with performance support. At present, in terms of the whole electronic field, the LED industry has shown good performance support, and there will be related industry events in the future, which may become the traditional spring offensive of A shares. The above-mentioned brokerage joint research organizer said. Entering 2014, the U. S. government's plan to completely ban the production and import of incandescent lamps in China came into effect. Canada has also officially banned 75W and 100W incandescent lamps from January 1, 2014, while 40W and 60W bulbs will also be completely banned on December 31, 2014. The EU has also completely banned the sale of incandescent lamps in 2012. On 2014, incandescent lamp elimination plans in major countries and regions came into effect in batches. From the perspective of industry performance, the industry was not weak in the off-season in the fourth quarter of last year. According to research, China's major LED companies have also maintained good orders and started work since the fourth quarter of 2013. Recently, chip prices have continued to strengthen, with the price decline of lighting and backlight packaging devices narrowed to about 4 in the fourth quarter of last year. China Merchants Securities Analysis believes that price stability reflects a higher industry boom. Under the superposition of factors such as pre-holiday stocking and overseas customers' concentrated orders, the industry has continued to maintain production and sales since December 2013. It is expected that the Spring Festival prospects will continue.
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