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LED industry may promote new changes in China's lighting industry pattern

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-27
China's lighting industry started in the early 1980s S. After 30 years of rapid, stable and sustained development, it has changed from a small industry with an initial GDP of less than yuan, it has developed into a large industry with an annual GDP of 350 billion yuan in 2011. In the meantime, even if China's economy is periodically adjusted, China's lighting industry has basically maintained a double-digit growth momentum. A few days ago, Dou Linping, secretary general of China lighting Society, analyzed the changes in China's lighting industry pattern at the semiconductor lighting market Summit Forum. He said that in the past industrial development process, there were three obvious changes in the lighting industry pattern caused by changes in the external environment, and each change in the industrial pattern affected the living conditions of lighting enterprises. At present, due to the development of LED lighting, China's lighting industry is once again facing a critical period of obvious changes in the industrial pattern. The three changes in the lighting industry pattern have given birth to the development of private enterprises. Lighting enterprises, especially the lamp industry, have the characteristics of less investment, quick results, strong product personalization, etc. In the 1980s s, when China changed from a planned economy to a market economy, in a very short period of time, it attracted a large amount of private capital to enter the lighting industry, and the number of enterprises increased rapidly. In this process, the state-owned lighting enterprises that dominated the lighting industry gradually withdrew. By the late 1990s s, China's lighting industry was basically dominated by private enterprises, with few state-owned enterprises left. Intensified market competition leads to enterprise integration. The rapid increase in the number of enterprises has intensified market competition. In order to ensure the competitiveness of the market, enterprises have increased their investment efforts, expanded their scale, and integrated upstream and downstream resources, strive to reduce production costs to the greatest extent. For example, light source enterprises adopt mechanization to expand production capacity, and lamp enterprises integrate ballast industry, etc. During this period, many light source enterprises and ballast manufacturers shut down, stopped, merged and transferred. Changes in the demand of the terminal market have changed the market position of light source enterprises and lamp enterprises. The improvement of living standards has changed consumers' demand for lighting products, and consumers' understanding of brands has changed, thus triggering a change in the market position of lighting enterprises, it has further promoted the integration of upstream and downstream resources in the lighting industry. Many light source enterprises have developed downstream and started to produce lamps. Lamp enterprises have developed upward and intervened in light source production. In the early 1980s S, the debate between chickens and eggs in the lighting field ended without a hitch. The development of LED lighting will change the pattern of lighting industry. The development of LED lighting is called a revolution of lighting industry, and its development will definitely have a significant impact on the pattern of lighting industry, how will the emergence of LED change the lighting industry pattern? Dou Linping pointed out that it is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: lighting industry. The lighting industry is composed of light sources, electrical appliances, lamps, materials, lamp holders, etc. These components are separately composed in traditional lighting. The future LED lighting products will be designed and manufactured according to the luminous characteristics and characteristics of LED, and their manifestations are different from those of traditional lighting products. The industrial pattern will undergo great changes, and light source enterprises and lamp enterprises will be integrated. Standard system. China's lighting standard system is in line with international standards. It implements IEC standard system, belonging to IECTC34, and is divided into TC34A, TC34B, TC34C and TC34D according to components, corresponding to light source, lamp holder, accessories and lamps respectively, the existing standard system will also change as the industrial pattern changes in the future. Products and markets. LED lighting products have the characteristics of small volume, high luminous efficiency, long service life, easy control and many changes, and have huge development space in the lighting field, however, the current LED lighting products do not give full play to the characteristics of LED, which is basically a replica of traditional lighting products. Future products should give full play to the easy-to-control characteristics of LED and regard LED lighting as an electronic product. Its design, manufacture and application will be very different from the original lighting products. Products will rely on function, fashion and differentiation to win. The market will win through close cooperation between enterprises and distributors and strengthening services. Great changes will take place in product manufacturing and marketing. Dou Linping suggested that although LED lighting has triggered a change under the background of energy conservation and environmental protection, opportunities and risks coexist and enterprises should learn to protect themselves.
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