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LED industry May expansion tide

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-31
If you don't invest in May, June will be sad. Recently, the tide of LED industry expansion has soared. Companies that have not yet been listed have sharpened their swords and pointed to IPO. Listed companies have also taken advantage of the opportunity to pursue and invest in factories: xinhaiyi subsidiary signed a 5. 85 million yuan purchase cooperation agreement with Changfang lighting xinhaiyi announced that the company received a notice from its controlling subsidiary Suzhou xinnajing on May 5, 2014, xinnajing and Shenzhen Changfang Semiconductor Lighting Co. , Ltd. signed the 5. 85 million strategic procurement cooperation agreement in Suzhou for a period of nine months with a monthly contract amount of 2014 yuan. From April 01-20, 2014 to December 30, Changfang lighting purchased chips with a total price of 5. 85 million yuan from xinnajing every month. Changfang lighting issued a monthly purchase contract to xinnajing 30 days in advance, and xinnajing was responsible for delivering the goods on schedule according to Party A's purchase contract. Xin na Crystal xin hai yi 90 holding sub-the company main engaged in LED technology R & d led epitaxial wafer, chip of production, sales and xin hai yi said, corresponding contract Total amount accounted for by audit after xin na Crystal 2013 year business income of 163. 02. The performance of this contract will have a positive impact on the continuous growth of xinnajing and xinhaiyi's performance in 2014. Hongli Optronics remitted 70 million yuan to increase its capital. Yuanhongli Optronics held a meeting on May 5, 2014 to consider and pass the 'proposal on capital increase to wholly-owned subsidiaries': in order to further enhance the business development capability and financial strength of Chongying Gongyuan and realize sustained and healthy development. The company used its own funds to increase the capital of its wholly-owned subsidiary by RMB 70 million. After the completion of this capital increase, the registered capital of the re-profit workers increased from RMB 30 million to RMB 0. 1 billion. Hongli Optoelectronics said that this foreign investment does not constitute a related party transaction, nor does it constitute a major asset restructuring as stipulated in the measures for the administration of major asset restructuring of listed companies. Jingsheng electromechanical: to be invested 36 million yuan set up sub-the company the sapphire cut grinding May 8, 2014 announcement the company quasi-by 'with ultra-fund-raising Gold in Zhejiang province Shaoxing Shangyu area Investment established sub-the company Zhejiang Jingrui electronic material limited the company, the registered capital is 36 million yuan. Jingrui electronics is the main body of implementation to build and operate a monthly production of 100 thousand pieces of sapphire cutting and polishing project. Dongshan Precision LED and other projects have been put into production for 3 months and are expected to have an output value of over 0. 7 billion yuan in 2014. Dongguan Dongshan Precision Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. , which is included in major projects in Dongguan, has invested 0. 7 billion yuan to set up a production base in Gaocheng, the project took only three months from signing up to putting into production. It is reported that the project integrates LED, light guide plate, stamping and backlight module, and is expected to have an output value of over 0. 7 billion yuan in 2014.
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