LED industry is in a new stage of 'Rebirth'

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-30
The reform of LED lighting industry, I use the political roadmap designed by Mr. Sun Yat-sen to summarize the three-stage theory of military administration, political tutelage and constitutionalism. On January 29, 1923, Mr. Sun Yat-Sen published the article 'History of Chinese Revolution' on the 50th anniversary special issue of 'shen pao', saying: Yu's revolutionary strategy stipulates that the period of revolution is three: military and political period, the second is the period of political tutelage, and the third is the constitutional period. For the LED lighting industry, the military and political period is the initial stage of lighting brand and channel construction, relying on the gun out of power, this time to product war, usually, it is necessary to establish a market position with single products: the period of political tutelage refers to the present, after an enterprise has occupied a certain market, what it needs to do at this time is to establish a system of laws and regulations, as the saying goes, building walls High, accumulating grain widely and slowly becoming King are the key points at this time. Only by establishing a healthy marketing ecosystem can we be reborn; In the later constitutional period, when more than half of the market is in depth, enterprises can take corresponding measures to complete their mission. At present, many LED lighting enterprises in the industry have passed the stage of exploration and have gradually found a way to achieve results in the initial stage of brand building and channel construction. These enterprises are the new forces for the transformation of the entire LED industry. Lin Zong once delivered a speech on the new power to change the LED industry pattern, which mentioned: 2010- 2020 will be the world of LED commercial lighting and home lighting. From the perspective of light efficiency development, in 2011, the efficiency of conventional LED light source is as high as 135lm/W; The light efficiency will reach 148lm/W in 2012 and 200lm/W in 2015. In terms of cost performance, in 2008, DipLED will cost 1000 yuan per 500 lumens; 2011 smdled every 1000 flow the need to cost 83. 3 yuan; In 2013, only 33. 1000 lumens were needed. In 3 yuan, the cost performance of LED lighting products has increased year by year, and the cost performance has increased by 15 times in just 5 years. LED lighting penetration rate is only 8 in 2010. 5, and is expected to reach 38 in 2015. 4, a 5-fold increase. Competition and cooperation moving forward industry integration will be an important trend of LED development. With the continuous development of LED technology, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the high cost performance of products has become a sharp sword to open up the market. LED heavyweight enterprises have mastered the important weight of market development due to their important technology, large-scale production strength and abundant funds. Lin Jiliang boldly predicted that compared with the past, in the future LED lighting era, standardized light source manufacturers will be more concentrated. LED brings great imagination space to lamps. LED can realize what traditional lamps could not do before. Many people always like to rely on places with many people and feel safe, but in fact, the more people, the more fierce the competition, the lighting market is like this. For downstream application fields, LED large factories and small and medium-sized enterprises have both opportunities. It is suggested that small and medium-sized enterprises should think about moving to LED lighting subdivision fields. For the standardized light source market, it will be more and more difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to compete with large factories. Small and medium-sized enterprises should specialize in a certain field and become the leader in this subdivision field, so as to have its own living space under the attack of the future integration tide and price war. How to achieve success in channel construction is essential for enterprises to grow together with agents. Only when the quality of products is guaranteed and the price is competitive can manufacturers really bring benefits to agents and become a community of interests in long-term cooperation. After such a benign relationship is established, the loyalty of agents and their support for manufacturers will be improved day by day, and the channel construction of manufacturers will naturally become more and more smooth.
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