LED industry is expected to usher in turning point in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-31
On December 23, Guangfa Securities released a new research report on securities in the electronic industry. The report pointed out that 2014 is expected to usher in a turning point in the LED industry, and the general lighting market will surpass the backlight market and become the mainstream of the development of the LED industry. The application of LED lighting is new for a time. It is expected that 2014 will usher in a turning point in the LED industry. The general lighting market will surpass the backlight market and become the mainstream of the development of the LED industry. The development of LED backlight industry tends to be flat, while the penetration rate of general lighting industry increases by more than 7 years and the market scale continues to expand. Dehao Runda has obvious technical advantages and attaches great importance to the integration of industrial chains to complete the full deployment of the upper, middle and lower reaches of LED. It is expected that the 14-year performance will be greatly improved. As a traditional leading enterprise, Sanan Optoelectronics has the largest chip production capacity in the country and has obvious advantages in vertical integration. It is expected that the LED chip and product business will be further improved in 14 years. Smartphone, long-awaited 4G to 2014 is the first year of 4G in China. China Mobile leads 4G and takes the lead in preparing for 4G establishment and terminal issuance. 4G license will be issued by the end of the year; MediaTek helped the LTE outbreak and is promoting the highly acclaimed new generation of high-standard chip MT6592 that can be matched with LTE modules. We believe that companies with a slight advantage in soft power and hard power will benefit greatly: Soft power is the antenna and passive component plate that can meet the high requirements of 4G wireless communication, and the Representative enterprises include shuobeide and shunluo electronics; Hard strength is the casing plate that conforms to the wave of metal appearance, which represents the enterprise is Changying Precision. Handheld camera module, Wan Zi Qian Hong is always in spring and 2014. It is expected that products with high cost performance will be launched one after another, and the market will be in full swing. On the one hand, 8MP will become a fast-growing parameter model for the main camera of smart phones. Camera modules above 10MP will not increase rapidly, but will become the market standard equipment; On the other hand, CMOS sensor manufacturers have also begun to make big moves to introduce low-cost chips. Mainland manufacturers are mainly aimed at domestic customers, and their market share in 2014 is expected to grow rapidly. Among them, Ophelia has great growth potential and high homogeneity Shunyu and Xinli are under great pressure. Taiwan manufacturers such as Foxconn and Guangbao have entered the market earlier, have high technical quality, and have a high proportion of overseas brands, but their market position is threatened by the high cost.
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