LED industry growth can be expected Xiamen Cinda preemptive layout

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-16
In recent years, with the vigorous promotion of LED by the government and the industry, the advantages of LED technology have been widely known. In the word of mouth, the LED industry, which has been expected by the market for many years, has shown a beautiful answer in this year's semi-annual report. Judging from the half-year performance report of 2014 recently released by some LED listed companies, in the first half of this year, the overall performance of LED listed companies in China was excellent, and the net profit of most enterprises achieved year-on-year growth. Market participants have also said that the future growth of the LED industry is sustainable. The LED gap is huge and the industry growth can be expected. Before this, Wang Dianfu, honorary president of Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development Promotion Association, said in an interview that at the beginning of the development of any emerging industry, there will be a lot of investment. At that time, there were 250300 companies in China that produced TV sets, and now there are only 6 left. The hand of the market will play a role. At this stage, it is far from the time to talk about overcapacity in the LED lighting industry. As far as the market demand of LED industry is concerned, there is still fierce market competition and serious homogenization of products related to conventional sizes. As a result, many companies have gradually fallen into price competition and profits have been declining. Among them, 1010RGB, which is mainly applied to the high-definition high-density indoor display below P2, does have a unique posture. According to relevant statistics, in 2013, China P2. The market sales of small-pitch LED products below 0 reached 6000 m². It is estimated that by 2015, the Chinese market size of small-pitch LED display indoor display will reach 13. 5 billion yuan, and the annual compound growth rate is expected to be above 23. In the future, if LED display screen enters the field of civil TV, it will enter a huge market of 1 trillion. Through the situation of the first half of the Industry 2014, it can be found that the trend of small-pitch led TV replacing the traditional large screen wall has been established. With the continuous improvement of density, the market for LED display screens is getting wider and wider. At present, small-pitch products have shown strong competitiveness in TV stations, conference rooms, consumer goods, simulation and other places. At the same time, it is not difficult to see from the dominant position of DLP and the narrow stitching of liquid crystal splicing that Seamless will be the development theme of the large screen display industry in the future. The LED screen can fit this development trend with the help of its inherent seamless advantages. In addition, LED has the unique advantages of long service life, outstanding color restoration capability, low maintenance cost and low power consumption. Small-pitch LED screens will shine brilliantly in fields with high image quality requirements! There is no doubt that the birth of 1010RGB has brought LED display screen into the era of close use, while the huge market of LED 1010RGB has yet to be developed and perfected. In addition, with the continuous expansion of the demand for LED outdoor HD screens, it is mainly applied to P6- The demand for P10 outdoor HD display 3535RGB is also gradually increasing. At present, 3535RGB is mainly used on rental screens, and when the later quality reaches a certain level, it can also be used on fixed-installed outdoor displays. Xiamen Cinda takes the lead in layout and distribution of products. The Development Trend of China's LED industry has become a grand one, especially in the Pearl River Delta region. The development of LED industry has entered a mature mode, and the LED industry is in a period of comprehensive change. Xiamen Xinda (000701, stock bar) On the basis of the development of the industrial chain, we will take the lead in layout and adopt two-way efforts in Distributors and products to jointly promote the company's business development. In the highly competitive market environment, dealers, as an important link in the lighting industry, are also under pressure. In view of this, Cinda Optoelectronics proposed a zero-pressure shop plan to reduce the burden and decompression of dealers. It is understood. Cinda Optronics's zero-pressure shop opening plan reduces the burden on dealers from four aspects: initial investment, shop opening promotion, shop opening operation and brand growth. In the early stage of investment, the ground decoration design of the merchants was led by Xinda Optoelectronics; In the publicity of opening a store, Cinda Optronics will build the brand awareness of Cinda lighting brand in all parts of the country through high-frequency publicity at airports, stations and various media platforms; In the operation of opening a store, Cinda Optronics will organize a channel sales management team divided by region to ensure timely service and management; In the brand growth, as a wholly-owned holding enterprise of Cinda shares, Cinda Optoelectronics will rely on the strong strength and management experience of Cinda shares to build brand influence. With the help of zero pressure reduction, Cinda Optoelectronics quickly attracts dealers and opens up more market space. On the other hand, as a professional LED enterprise that started earlier in China, Xiamen Xinda took the lead in actively deploying LED research and development and market to deepen its electronic information business. It is understood that Xiamen Cinda's Cinda optoelectronics products in indoor lighting sources, such as LED bulb lights, panel lights, candle lights and other products, are well-known in the domestic and overseas markets. Taking LED bulb lamps as an example, Cinda photoelectric bulb lamps are famous for their advantages of high angle and high index. According to relevant data, Cinda photoelectric bulb lamp strictly realizes full-angle illumination of bulb lamp with obvious finger greater than 85Ra. In the previous Guangya Exhibition, Cinda Optoelectronics created the product brand of Cinda lighting, and it also conveyed a brand image that never stops. With the release of the semi-annual report performance of the domestic LED industry, the net profit growth rate of 18 listed companies that have already issued performance forecasts or reported in the LED sector can reach an average of more than 60, which is unique in the entire electronics and even the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets. According to the market performance, the share price of Xiamen Cinda has entered the rising channel since August, and the future is really promising.
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