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LED industry feast injects 'nutrition' into lighting market'

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-29
Through this activity, we will strengthen the communication within the industry, enhance the cooperation between enterprises, let enterprises find available resources, and let people see the development trend of the industry, inject the nutrition of the feast into the whole industry. When the season enters the winter, people all over the country have already felt chill to varying degrees, but people are more warm in their hearts, because the 'decision on several major issues concerning comprehensive deepening reform' issued by the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee held not long ago, people can see the better prospects of the country and individuals in the future. The lighting industry is an industry that manufactures and spreads brilliance. The year has been full of challenges and shocks, but in general it is a year of progress. This year, many major events have taken place in the lighting industry. From the introduction of semiconductor lighting industry planning by the state to the abolition of semiconductor lighting industry planning in Shenzhen; From OP's application for listing to NVC's completion of restructuring; From some large enterprises involved in the lighting industry to some small enterprises in the lighting industry; From Guangzhou international city lighting annual meeting to Beijing China semiconductor lighting 10th anniversary celebration; From lighting City to e-commerce; From micro-Mercury to high light efficiency, it is complicated and complicated. In the fierce market battle, the new and old forces in the industry are competing to adjust the course. The common goal of business operators is to tap new needs and make a big market cake. Of course, it should be noted that this industry is more of a small and medium-sized enterprise, and there are only a handful of small and medium-sized enterprises in the distance. Small and medium-sized enterprises are in urgent need of development and growth. The industry is brewing a reshuffle, so that enterprises with standardized management, innovation and potential stand out, even a group of enterprises lacking strength and potential are eliminated, so as to realize the adjustment and promotion of the whole industry, make the industry healthier and stronger, and have competitiveness and voice in the world. This is the Chinese dream of China becoming a lighting power. The feast creates opportunities for the brand to be outstanding. At present, the lighting industry's outstanding performance is mainly reflected in lighting products, and those enterprises that are dedicated to developing and manufacturing products are mostly unknown, compared with food, clothing, household appliances, automobiles and other industries, the so-called brands in the lighting industry are more dreams. In this era, people value brands more, no matter how good the product is, it will be engulfed by the tide of technological development. No matter how good the product is, it is also a kind of item in people's eyes. Only the brand can enjoy the opportunity of excellence in the social level, and only the brand can last for a long time, only brands can add luster to the Chinese dream. As David Woolf, a well-known US technology blog, said, in a competitive industry, there are two ways to enhance the value of products and services. One is through innovation, the other is to build a brand. When you create a brand, you make the product special and make people willing to pay more than the value of the product itself. This is added value and will bring additional income without investing more unit costs. This is the brand Dream of the enterprise, and the lighting industry is still far from this dream. Becoming a real brand requires a long process and is a systematic project, which requires a lot of specific work. However, seizing any public opportunities that may be beneficial to the enterprise brand and displaying the elegant demeanour of the enterprise brand will inevitably play a major role in the rise of the brand in the long run. As an enterprise, it should attach importance to the daily cultivation and promotion activities of the brand and build a brand building on a solid foundation. The success of the brand will bring sustained economic benefits to the enterprise. For example, well-known brands in large industries have not only created continuous and relatively rich profits for their affiliated enterprises, leaving many small and medium-sized enterprises behind and sighing. Therefore, the brand of an enterprise needs the opportunity to be brilliant, and it should also seize the opportunity to make the brand brilliant. The lighting industry characterized by small scale and low attention should take advantage of ships to go out to sea and seize the opportunity to make brilliant. The annual Feast of the China lighting industry's billboard selection activity just provides a brilliant stage for the lighting industry. For any individual, the feast in life is often an opportunity to show personal style, while the feast in an industry is an opportunity for outstanding enterprises to show their brand strength. No matter for the whole industry, or a single enterprise, whether it is the year that is about to pass, or the past ten years, there are too many things, too many people and too many enterprises should show, let them excel in this industry, in this country, and in the future in the whole world. Because the electric light is a household appliance that people have used for a long time, the light is a dazzling technology product.
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