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LED industry faces reshuffle of thousands of enterprises or 10

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-21
13th National LED industry development and technology seminar yesterday falls next heavy curtain. There were about 200 participants, and well-known LED enterprises and institutions in the industry such as 13th Research Institute of China Electronic Science and Technology Corporation, Sanan Optoelectronics, Guoxing optoelectronics and Shenzhen Lehman Optoelectronics participated and made academic reports. As a major biennial event and academic conference in the LED industry, although the interactive speech stage of the event is very lively and homely, however, the sharp views of experts made many participating entrepreneurs feel depressed and nervous. Incandescent lamp delisting LED market cake is attractive. Last year, China released a road map to eliminate incandescent lamps: starting from October 1 this year, it is forbidden to sell and import incandescent lamps with 100 watts or more for general lighting; By October 1, 2016, the sale and import of incandescent lamps for general lighting with 15 watts and above will be prohibited. This means that incandescent lamps will gradually withdraw from the historical stage from this year and the LED lighting curtain will be officially opened. LED's future cake is really attractive. The forum revealed that there are currently about 1000 LED production and research enterprises in China, with 50 thousand employees, of which more than 40 have annual sales of more than yuan, it accounts for half of the total domestic market sales, about 10. 6 billion yuan. However, the growth rate of enterprise sales has slowed down significantly since last year. The rapid development of the industry is unexpected. Guan Jizhen, chairman of the China Light association light emitting diode display application branch, said that since the 1990s S, a technological revolution-like innovative product has been born almost every two or three years in the industry. Alternative experts predict that there will be only 10 enterprises in a year. While entrepreneurs are thinking about the attractive cake in the LED market, Zhang Xiaofei, editor-in-chief of the report guest 'high-tech LED', splashed a basin of ice water. He boldly predicted that only 10 enterprises in the upper reaches of the industry will continue to produce in the coming year. Zhang Xiaofei is famous in the LED industry. A representative of the conference said that although Zhang Xiaofei did not have an LED entity, its appeal could not be matched by LED enterprises, whether in mainland China, Taiwan, or even LED manufacturers in the United States and the Netherlands, he can pull them together and string them together. Zhang Xiaofei is called an alternative in the LED world by many people. Due to lack of funds, enterprises with dozens of production machines have been suspended. Zhang Xiaofei said that LED has become a trend to replace traditional lighting, but it does not mean that the industry will be better off. He boldly predicted that there will be only 10 manufacturers in the domestic LED upstream next year. When asked which 10, Zhang Xiaofei said he would consider publishing them in magazines and waiting for the test of time together with the industry. In infancy or maturity, the academic circles and the industry have different views. The Forum discussion site has formed two major concepts. The academic circles generally believe that the domestic LED industry is still in infancy, while the industry believes that it has reached maturity. Jiang Fengyi, vice president of Nanchang University, said that the LED industry has too much room for technological development and too fast expansion of production, and has never reached maturity. Many enterprise representatives expressed confusion about their own development. A local entrepreneur representative said that LED prices and technologies are developing rapidly at present, and the decline in prices is a good thing for consumers, however, it is very fatal to the enterprise. The inspection time of the product is 6000 hours. Before the inspection period expires, the new product will be available. I can't sleep only when I encounter market problems. Another LED leader is full of confidence in his own reform. He said that no entrepreneur does not pay attention to the market, but enterprises should choose a path suitable for their own development. When you pursue street lighting, I am paying attention to hypermarket lighting and overseas orders, and trying to cooperate with traditional and weak enterprises. Experts say big data is comparable to new oil in the future. For example, according to how long the mobile phone on everyone's body has been running from this intersection to that intersection, I will know if there is a traffic jam on this road. Big data is comprehensive and multi-dimensional, through which many things can be effectively judged. Every industry and field can accurately capture big data and provide targeted services. The use of big data requires legislation, which data can be made public and which data can be used for you. The government can invest for a long time without putting economic benefits in place. This kind of long-term investment can be done first by the government in industries involving public interests such as medical insurance, transportation and urban safety, aiming at group behavior. As soon as Wu Hequan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, entered the restaurant yesterday, he saw a two-dimensional code on an exhibition board, and his mobile phone scanned it. He could immediately see the exhibition introduction, the Forum agenda and the introduction of participating enterprises. At present, nearly 400 cloud computing centers are being built in cities across the country. Whether there are clear plans in many places requires a question mark, otherwise it is likely to become a enclosure movement of commercial real estate. Cloud computing is not in use, the key is not how many bases to build, but how many applications that meet the needs of users and have a clear profit model. Gao Wei, vice president of software winning the bid by system security vendors, said at yesterday's cloud computing practice tour Forum. At present, cloud computing in various places has just started. Hubei is a major province of science and education. It has outstanding advantages in surveying and mapping, geographic information system, biology, cultural and creative industries and other fields. The development of cloud computing has more advantages.
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